Plant-Based Jerky From Jack & Friends

Jack & Friends is a new line of plant-based jerky that highlights the texture and versatility of the jackfruit. The namesake company blends jackfruit with pea protein to create a vegan jerky that mimics the texture and appearance of real meat. Not only is it chewy, this rich, boldly flavored snack packs a whopping 21g of protein per bag.

Jackfruit is a fruit grown and popularized in Southeast Asia that is proving to be a multipurpose food ingredient because of its neutral flavor, white color and meaty texture when unripe. It contains a large amount of minerals and fiber, making it nutritionally favorable as well.

Inclusivity is the jerky’s platform, as in addition to being vegan, it is free of the top eight food allergens, gluten and any added sugars. It’s a snack for anyone and any lifestyle. Despite being derived from plants, it is a complete protein, meaning it contains each of the nine essential amino acids necessary in the human diet. Jack’s first friend (flavor) is Jack & Tom, which uses tomatoes, poblano peppers and a signature blend of spices to pack each bite with savory flavor and a spicy kick.

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