Schuman Cheese Partners with Margot Le Gruyère

Until recently, a Gruyère was missing from the product line of Schuman Cheese -- and it’s an omission the Schumans wanted to fill, since early in his career, CEO Neal Schuman spent time making Gruyère in Switzerland. It’s a cheese he ranks among his personal favorites. Around the same time, Switzerland's Margot family began seeking a partner to help grow their export business.

The result is Margot Le Gruyère being made available in the States. The Swiss company specializes in the aging and ripening of Swiss Le Gruyère. They secret lies in the naturally cool, humid and mineral-rich Margot Cave, which provides the ideal environment for the cheese to develop its distinctive aroma and texture.

Margot’s Le Gruyère is aged 5-12 months under the watchful eye of the cave masters who determine when each wheel has aged to perfection. Creamy and mild at five months, Le Gruyère develops a more complex, salty and earthy flavor the longer it ages. Le Gruyère initially will be available exclusively for foodservice customers through Schuman cheese.

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