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Fogging and Fumigation for Pest Elimination – How Each Can Get Your Facility Back Running Quickly

A Food Processing-hosted webinar sponsored by IFC

Now Available On-Demand. Originally Broadcasted on May 25, 2023

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Food safety and brand protection are your top concerns, and those start with a sanitary manufacturing facility. Before all the other food safety measures happen in your plant, that facility has to be pest-free. It requires not just random pest control efforts but an integrated pest management (IPM) program, with you and your employees playing key roles. Also learn how fumigation and fogging are re-emerging as safe and powerful tools—cost-effective ones, too--in the war against pests and components of your HACCP plan. 

In this webinar, you’ll hear from IFC about: 

  • Identify pest risks and concerns unique to food facilities 
  • Tools that reset pest populations in your facility to zero 
  • The differences and key benefits of fogging and fumigation


Sharon Dobesh | Director of Technical Service | IFC

Sharon Dobesh is the Director of Technical Services and has been with IFC for 6 years, where she oversees all aspects provided by the Technical Services support center for IFC. IFC Technical Services Team provides training, conducts product reviews, performs pest identifications, and makes IPM strategies recommendations. She has over 16 years experience as an Extension Specialist at Kansas State University in Pesticide Safety and IPM Programming, Honey Bee Specialist, and as the Great Plains Diagnostic Network Associate Director.

She is currently working on a PhD in stored product insects, specifically warehouse beetle and larger cabinet beetle. In May 2018 she completed a Graduate Certificate in Food Safety and Defense; both degrees from Kansas State University. She has held an M.S. in Entomology from Kansas State University for the last 25 years and a B.S. in Crop Protection-Entomology option from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Dave Fusaro (Event Moderator) - Editor in Chief Food Processing

Dave Fusaro has been editor in chief of Food Processing since 2003. Before that, he was editor in chief of Dairy Foods and managing editor of Prepared Foods, so he’s been covering the food and beverage industry for 27 years. Dave has won national writing awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors for company profiles of Mars Inc., Heinz, Hormel and Nestle. He has been interviewed on CNN, quoted in national newspapers and authored a 200-page market research report on the milk industry. Earlier, he was an award-winning newspaper reporter who specialized in business writing. Dave holds a BA in journalism from Marquette University.

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