Putman Media Launches Career Center

Oct. 14, 2008
Finding the perfect employee – and the perfect job – just got easier

Putman Media,Inc., a privately held business-to business media company is announcing their partnership with JobTarget (www.jobtarget.com), an industry leader in job board development and management, on new online career centers.  The career centers will focus on bringing employers together with eligible qualified candidates.  ControlGlobal.com, ControlDesign.comChemicalProcessing.com, PlantServices.com, and PharmaManufacturing.com will all launch their job boards during the month of October.

“We’re really excited to have partnered with JobTarget.  They will be able to give our clients the most effective job searching and recruiting capabilities there is to offer,” Julie Lange, Putman Media’s spokesperson said.  “We realize how hard it is to find quality employees and job opportunities in our markets, and the new career centers will help eliminate that problem.”

JobTarget’s career center software provides individuals with the latest technology in career development.  Not only is it a premier engine to search for job postings, but a resourceful tool for employers to utilize in their search for employees.  One of the many highlights of the center is the availability of great candidates.  By using the recruitment service, employers are given exceptional access to Putman’s audience.  An employer’s job posting will reach a large number of highly skilled passive and active job seekers.  Additional benefits to Putman’s career center includes job broadcasting, the option to include a company profile and logo with a posting, and a pay-per-use resume bank.

Job seekers will find a unique opportunity to connect with employers and recruiters posting jobs specific to their industry.  This service will lead job seekers in our markets to new jobs that effectively deliver opportunities ideal to their career development.  Candidates can post their resumes anonymously, search through job postings, and setup personal job alerts. 

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