General Mills Invites Office Workers to Plant Floor

April 7, 2020
General Mills is asking for office workers to volunteer to work on the floors of its plants.

General Mills is asking for office staffers to volunteer to work on the floors of its plants as it tries to maintain production levels during the coronavirus situation.

“To ensure the company continues to safely manufacture food to service consumer demand, General Mills has offered healthy office employees the opportunity to provide temporary help in manufacturing facilities,” the company said in a statementon its website.

The request comes along with several other initiatives General Mills is taking in response to the pandemic, including: a daily (unspecified) bonus to floor workers; two weeks of paid medical leave, including caring for children who are home due to school closure; and a $5 million gift through the General Mills Foundation to “vulnerable children.”

Like many companies that specialize in center-store staples and frozen foods, General Mills is trying to ramp up production to meet increased demand as consumers eat more meals at home.

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