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Food Processing, Putman Media Announce 2019 Class of Influential Women in Manufacturing

May 28, 2019
27 manufacturing leaders—among more than 120 women nominated by their peers and others they've inspired—join the ranks of Influential Women in Manufacturing.

Putman Media, publisher of Chemical Processing, Control, Control Design, Food Processing, Pharma Manufacturing, Plant Services and Smart Industry magazines, is proud to announce the 2019 class of Influential Women in Manufacturing. (See below for full list of honorees.)

The 27 women who join the ranks of IWIM this year are recognized for their change leadership in manufacturing—their risk-embracing work that serves to move the needle on asset management and reliability, digital transformation, workforce development, and other elements critical to ensuring the manufacturing industry's readiness to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

More than 120 nominations from across industry were received for IWIM 2019; all nominations were reviewed in April by a 15-member Putman Media voting panel. Among the honorees in this year's class of Influential Women in Manufacturing are CEOs, senior engineers and a member of Congress. They are leading initiatives that are challenging traditional approaches to focus areas ranging from production process management to manufacturing workforce recruitment.

Says Putman Media CEO John Cappelletti: "It's exciting to once again announce a group of outstanding individuals who are driving important changes both within their companies and for the manufacturing industry overall. The future-focused leadership and innovative problem-solving demonstrated by the 27 members of the 2019 class of Influential Women in Manufacturing inspires new and veteran members of the field alike, and it is Putman Media's honor to recognize this incredible group. Congratulations, 2019 IWIM honorees!"

The 2019 Influential Women in Manufacturing honorees will be profiled in a dedicated e-book to be released by Putman Media in September and recognized in person at the 2019 IWIM awards luncheon, taking place Friday, Oct. 4 (Manufacturing Day) at MxD in Chicago.

The 2019 Class of Influential Women in Manufacturing

Founded in late 2017 by Putman Media editors Erin Hallstrom, Alexis Gajewski and Christine LaFave Grace, Influential Women in Manufacturing seeks to recognize women who are effecting change in manufacturing and industrial production and engaging the next generation of manufacturing leaders.

For more information about IWIM (www.influentialwomeninmanufacturing.com) or questions about attending and/or sponsoring the 2019 IWIM awards luncheon, please contact Food Processing's Erin Hallstrom.

Food Processing and Influential Women in Manufacturing Partner for Career Development and Gender Diversity Survey

The same team that produced the Influential Women in Manufacturing recognition is also working on a first of its kind survey to assess what career development and gender diversity look like throughout all of facets manufacturing. Through an anonymous survey, the results will provide a thorough look at manufacturing's state of career development and gender diversity across the board. You needn't be at the executive level to complete the survey, nor do you need to be a woman. Both men and women—from entry-level to leadership—are encouraged to complete the survey. The results of the survey will be turned into a Special Report available for download in fall 2019. Read more about the survey here or begin taking the anonymous survey here.

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