Smaller Food and Beverage Companies Take on Big Ambitions

May 16, 2016
Big Food’s sales declines spell opportunity for start-ups and emerging firms. The challenge is getting noticed and being taken seriously.

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Growing Pains: The Guide to Growing your Small-Medium-Sized Food Business

In the zero-sum game of packaged food and beverage sales, thousands of start-up companies are nibbling at the big guys’ billions in lost revenue. Food is an industry in transition, and the iconic brands in 2050 likely will include some names nobody has yet heard.

Problem is, most of today’s ankle biters won’t be around to celebrate. Plant-based ingredients and socially aware promotion strategies are a dime a dozen, and getting on grocers’ shelves is more challenging than ever. In a crowded market served by a supply chain in flux, how are new and emerging food companies increasing their odds of being among the lucky ones?

Integrity isn’t a trait that comes to mind when contemplating a dinner plate, but food marketers are feverishly crafting images that are high on product integrity and personal integrity.

Find out how small business upstarts like Enjoy Life Foods, Angie’s Boomchickapop, HapiFoods, and many more took their products and businesses to the next level. Download our special feature: The Guide to Growing your Small-Medium-Sized Food Business, which includes our May 2016 cover story as well as other how-to's for small to medium-sized food companies. 

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