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IFT Show Preview: Roquette

April 15, 2009

Roquette is a leading global manufacturer of healthy ingredients and solutions for nutrition bars, extruded snacks, frozen desserts and confectionary. Our solutions provide our customers with nutritionally balanced, great-tasting choices for consumers featuring NUTRALYS all natural, non-allergenic pea protein; NUTRIOSE soluble fiber; SweetPearl crystalline maltitol; and POLYSORB FM fiber-enhanced maltitol syrup. NUTRALYS, a functional vegetable protein with outstanding nutritional benefits, can be used in extruded snacks and nutrition bars. NUTRIOSE soluble fiber adds fiber and reduces sugar in confectionary and nutrition bars. SweetPearl maltitol is used in formulations to easily replace sucrose, is low in calories and contributes to glycemic control. POLYSORB FM maltitol syrups are designed for use in frozen desserts, nutrition bars and infused fruits to offers an indulgent taste with the benefits of added fiber, and caloric and sugar reduction.

Our ingredients can be used in “healthy-for-you” formulations for nutrition bars, extruded snacks, chocolates, confections, frozen desserts and infused fruits.

IFT Booth 319

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