Exhibitors Display Their New and Innovative Products at the 2009 IFT Show

July 2, 2009

Our roving reporters, Dave Fusaro and Diane Toops, had so much fun at the 2009 IFT Show that we had to split who they saw and what they found into multiple pages. You can check out the first part of our report at Exhibitor Highlights from the IFT 2009 Show

TIC Gums (www.ticgums.com) celebrated its 100th anniversary with celebratory cupcakes - formulated using some of the company’s latest gum systems. , developed for quality, consistency and effectiveness in both function and cost. TIC Pretested Ticaloid Lite HF enhances the appearance and improves the eating quality of high fiber baked goods. TIC Pretested Ticaloid Icing Max – itself emulsified with TIC Gum’s patented modified gum arabic --literally was the icing on the (cup) cake.

ICL Performance Products (www.icl-perfproductslp.com) introduced Cal-Sistent, a micronized tricalcium phosphate that can be used as a calcium fortification. The company claims to have refined it to the smallest possible particle size (95 percent is less than 20 microns). It provides a 38 percent calcium level, as well as the ideal calcium-to-phosphorus level found in nature.

Pure Circle (www.purecircle.com), one of the leading suppliers of reb-A, is consolidating its dispersed U.S. operations in Chicago.

D.D. Williamson (www.naturalcolors.com) claimed North America’s first certified organic annatto extract. Water- and oil-soluble versions are available, with hues ranging from yellow to orange. And coming this fall (after harvest) will be an organic purple color from purple corn, which can be labeled “colored with vegetable juice.”

Kulfi, a flavored frozen dessert originating in India, is a popular custard-like alternative to present-day ice cream. It was the perfect carrier for Virginia Dare’s (www.virginiadare.com) new flavors, first and foremost of which was tea. Although best known for vanilla, the company has been broadening its portfolio over the recent IFT shows – last year the focus was on Hispanic flavors. But this year the company brewed tea, in powders, concentrates and flavors – of black, green, white, oolong, assam and rooibos teas. They are available in all-natural, natural, liquid and dry forms. Some are organic, fair trade, and organic-compliant.

After two decades of research, Mars Botanical (www.marsbotanical.com), a scientific division of Mars Inc., debuts (online only for now) Cirku, the first-of-its kind natural cocoa extract ingredient guaranteeing a concentrated source of cocoa flavanols, and CirkuHealth, a dietary supplement beverage powder mix, using the Cirku ingredient. Cirku can be used in a variety of applications such as beverages, bars, smoothies, salad dressings and sauces. CirkuHealth comes in single serve packets in two varieties -- Original and Sweetened. Most people would be surprised to learn that cocoa is actually a fruit. In fact, it’s a super fruit, with flavanols that help maintain healthy circulation. The team behind Cirku is made up of experts in the field of cocoa research – from plant biologists to product developers – working closely with native cocoa farmers, pursuing the best ways to plant, cultivate and harvest their fruit, ultimately increasing the profitability and improving the quality of life for local communities. Cirku is kosher, low-calorie and low-caffeine (as little as a cup of decaffeinated coffee). It has a rusty red color, which adds natural color to a product.

America’s hunger for flatbreads and Indian cuisine is helping bring Indian food trends to mainstream menus, bakeries and grocery products. Mumbai Gold Fresh Chakki Atta value-added flour -- from ConAgra Mills (www.conagramills.com) -- is milled from specially selected durum wheat to traditional Indian specifications for taste, texture and functionality, and is ideal for delivering authentic flatbreads on a national scale. Traditional Indian flatbreads made with Fresh Chakki Atta include: Chapatti/roti, flatbreads made by rolling dough into discs, which are cooked on a griddle and then held over a flame where the steam causes them to puff. Paratha, flakier than chapatti, is made by folding and re-rolling dough for a pastry like flatbread, and Puri, soft flatbreads that are finished in hot oil to make them puff for scooping curries and vegetables. Also, Eagle Mills Gluten-Free All-Purpose Multigrain Flour is optimized to work across a range of products including pan bread, tortillas, muffins, snacks, coatings and extruded cereals. A propriety blend of Ancient Grains and tapioca starch this multigrain flour is formulated to achieve optimal functionality with the whole grain nutrition, fiber, appearance, texture and flavor customers crave.

Land O’Lakes Ingredient Solutions (www.landolakes-ingredients.com) food scientist Paul Hughes led a lively session at IFT, uncovering many misconceptions — and realities — of process cheeses. He explained how process cheese is made from high quality natural cheese, and that its customizable flavor and performance characteristics, such as melt and composition, make it a versatile, easy to use food ingredient. A range of varieties were tasted and compared to their natural cheese counterparts, including Brie, Swiss, and Cheddar. One misconception: process cheese isn’t real cheese. The reality: process cheese is not an analog or imitation cheese; it’s made from real natural cheeses, blended with other dairy ingredients, water and emulsifiers. This gives it more stability and better performance than natural cheese in many applications, particularly when heat is applied. Land O’Lakes Reduced Fat, Reduced Sodium Process contains 50 percent less fat and 35 percent less sodium and more calcium per serving than regular process American cheese.

Vivinal GOS (galacto-oligosaccharide), a prebiotic ingredient derived from dairy, was featured by Friesland Goods Domo USA Inc. (www.vivinalgos.com). Research finds it has extremely good tolerance in humans, because it most closely resembles the oligosaccharides present in human milk. Emerging research shows positive effects on the hormonal regulation component of satiety as well as the already recognized benefits of digestive health, mineral adsorption and support of natural defences. It is heat stable, how a low GI and is gluten-fee and is GRAS for a number of applications. It can be used in infant nutrition, milk, dairy, beverages, clinical nutrition, bakery and pet food.

Designed specifically for dairy milk and yogurt drinks, an improved formula of Lipogen PS phosphatidylserine, designed for functional dairy milk and yogurt drinks, debuted in the booth of Lipogen Ltd. (www.lipogen.co.il). The new formula is now offered to producers of functional milk powders, as it can be easily applied to dairy premixes, in blending or other milk processing. Phosphatidylserine is a natural phospholipid found in the brain, and it is considered an important part of brain-cell membranes. It has been shown to have a role in slowing, and even reversing, some forms of age-related cognitive deteriorations (such as short-term memory loss) and improving others, such as the ability to learn new tasks. GRAS, vegetarian, solvent-free, and kosher-certified, PS does not affect end product taste, texture or mouthfeel.

Pizzey’s Nutritionals, a Glanbia Nutritionals company (www.glanbianutritionals.com), claims to have the only dry ingredient on the market to combine all three omega-3 essential fatty acids: ALA, EPA and DHA. UltraGrad is a highly stable, patented blend of flax and fish-sourced EFAs. It offers functional food and beverage manufacturers a uniquely process-tolerant, clean-tasting omega-3 solution. UltraGrad’s functionality and oxidative stability derives from a patented optimization process that selects stable flaxseeds and provides oxidative protection to inherently unstable fish-derived omega-3s. Encapsulate the fish oils in flaxseed brings all the nutritional benefits to process intense applications such as cereals, bars and bakery – with no adverse impact on flavor or texture.

Rice-based and hyperallergenic, Maltrin OR is the newest addition to the line of Maltrin maltodextrins from Grain Processing Corp. (www.grainprocessing.com). They are carriers for dry mix applications and improve adhesion of particulates and help provide firm formation for uniform coatings. Maltrin OR is USDA and QAI certified organic.

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