Cook Street School of Fine Cooking Announces New Scholarship

Sept. 14, 2006
Cook Street School of Fine Cooking in Denver announced it has teamed up with award-winning Chef Elise Wiggins to offer a $7,500 Culinary Humanitarian Scholarship.

To help students take the first step toward following their culinary passion and desire to make a difference, Cook Street will award the Chef Elise Wiggins $7,500 Culinary Humanitarian Scholarship to the student with the most thoughtful plan to utilize their culinary training to impact the lives of those less fortunate.

More than ever, Americans are changing careers in the search for greater work/life balance and personal and professional success and satisfaction. Cook Street reports that over 80 percent of students in its Professional Food & Wine Career Program are career changers.

"Culinary school has not only changed the lives of many of our graduates, it continues to provide inspiration and empowerment for them to change the lives of others," said Morey Hecox, president of Cook Street School of Fine Cooking. "We are very proud to work with Chef Wiggins to encourage future students to do the same."

The school's accelerated 18-week program is designed for anyone seeking to change or enhance their career through formal culinary training.

"I'm thrilled to collaborate with Cook Street to offer a scholarship to a deserving student looking to enter the culinary profession," said Wiggins. "I always wanted to be a chef and culinary school provided the foundation to my career."

To apply for the Culinary Humanitarian Scholarship, candidates must submit an essay that explains how culinary training will allow them to positively affect the lives of those less fortunate. More details about scholarship requirements can be found online at