Pompeian Unveils New Quality Control and R&D Center

Sept. 26, 2017
The olive oil company invests $2 million in a new 4,500-sq.-ft. facility, located in Baltimore.

Pompeian, Inc., Baltimore, a leading manufacturer and importer of olive oil in the U.S., announced it opened the Pompeian Quality Control and Research & Development Center today (Sept. 26) in Baltimore. Described as a best-in-class facility dedicated to ensuring the quality, purity and traceability of Pompeian products, the facility was a $2-million investment, the company says.

Fully equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory, the new facility is poised to analyze approximately 15,000 samples per year and houses a traceability software system that allows every oil batch to be traced to where each olive is grown and harvested, the company says. The center also features specialized lighting that properly evaluates the color and all visual aspects of raw materials, a sensory preparation room to store and prepare samples for sensory evaluation and a temperature- and light-controlled olive oil shelf life research room to allow the company to mimic store shelf conditions.

"At Pompeian, we are very proud to have developed a uniquely skilled team leading us to become the industry's leader and innovator in quality," said Luisito Cercaci, vice president of quality and R&D. "The completion of the Quality Control and Research & Development Center marks the company's latest demonstration that quality is our number-one priority."

The company says it hopes it will grow by 20 percent with the introduction of the center. The team will also undergo continuous internal training to increase skills and capabilities at the new facility.

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