Latin-American Diet Summit Coming in April 2005

Dec. 20, 2004
The traditional Latin American diet offers an incredible array of delicious, healthy foods. Yet Hispanic Americans have higher rates of many nutrition-related ailments — such as diabetes and obesity — than most other Americans. Oldways will explore solutions to this paradox at the International Latin American Conference, April 21-23 at the Nikko Hotel in Mexico City.Leading researchers and health professionals will detail heart disease, diabetes and cancer trends among U.S. Latinos, while nutrition experts will trace the dietary traditions of Latin America and compare this historic diet to today’s food choices. And, being an Oldways conference, top chefs will illustrate the specialties of Caribbean, Central American and South American Latino cooking.Attendees will learn about specific, readily available foods that can help everyone enjoy healthy Latin foods and help Hispanics regain their health by returning to the best of their own traditional foodways.For more information about the Latin-American Conference visit or contact Nicole Nacamuli at 617-896-4866.

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