X-ray inspection system detects foreign objects and product defects in cartons and cases

Feb. 25, 2008

Detect foreign objects and product defects in cartons and cases with the Ishida IX-GA-65100 X-ray inspection system from Heat and Control. Specifically designed for large boxes, the Ishida system features a 25.5-inch wide product conveyor and an inspection chamber that accommodates packages up to 10.62 inches tall (or 15.35 inches tall with optional safety covers). Warm-up takes only 90 seconds for fast production starts. The system offers powerful X-ray generator voltage of up to 100 KV that will thoroughly penetrat cartons. Choose from 0.6-millimeter or 0.9-millimeter spacing of line sensor diodes depending on your product needs. Ishida’s image processing software insures consistent and accurate performance.  

Product data and changeovers are easily entered on a 15-inch color touch screen. Ishida X-ray inspection systems are fully compliant with ETL and US FDA Title 21 CRF 1020.40 regulations. Built to IP65 washdown specifications, they are easy to clean and feature conveyor belts that can be removed without tools. Its ductless enclosure prevents damage from condensation and dust.