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Plant Operations and Engineering

Heat and Control Fastback FDX Force Displacement Drives Convey Up to 2500 Pounds

Aug. 12, 2013
FastBack FDX Force Displacement drives are 40% smaller than comparable inertia drive horizontal motion conveyors and convey up to 2,500 pounds.
Plant Operations and Engineering

Heat and Control Batter Applicator and Multi-Zone Frying System Features Precise Temperature Control

July 26, 2013
Over 35,000 finished pounds/hour (16,000 kg/hr) of crispy batter-coated french fries can be produced using Heat and Control's latest batter applicator and multi-zone fryer system...
Plant Operations and Engineering

Heat And Control Offers Micron-Pro Cooking Oil Filter

May 22, 2013
The Micron-Pro cooking oil filter is engineered to pay for itself in oil savings within the first year at plants producing meatballs, potato chips, batter-breaded foods, and other...
Plant Operations and Engineering

Vacuum Fryer Minimizes Acrylamide Formation

Jan. 18, 2013
The space-saving Heat and Control vacuum fryer does not need an excessive amount of floor space or removal for cleaning and maintenance.
Plant Operations and Engineering

Tabletop Filler/Depositor Useful for Flowable, Semi-Flowable Products

July 20, 2011
Hinds-Bock's SP-16T Tabletop Filler/Depositor can be used for a variety of flowable or semi-flowable products including cake and muffin batter, jams & jellies, dips & ...
Plant Operations and Engineering

Ishida Weigher Packages Fruits and Vegetables Quickly With Less Giveaway

July 13, 2011
Heat and Control's large capacity weigher includes non-stick surfaces that won't stick or build up.
Plant Operations and Engineering

Breaded Products Fryer Increases Line Capacity Using Less Floor Space

July 13, 2011
Food processors can boost production of fried prepared foods using less floor space with Heat and Control's Breaded Products Fryer.
Plant Operations and Engineering

High Capacity, Energy-Efficient Kettle Chip Fryer Now Available

Feb. 17, 2011
Heat and Control's new MasterTherm Kettle Fryer uses a thermal fluid heat exchanger to deliver up to 80% thermal efficiency and more than 500 finished pounds per hour of batch...
Plant Operations and Engineering

Impingement Ovens Provide Flexible, Uniform, Sustainable Cooking

Dec. 21, 2010
Heat and Control's builds ovens that provide uniform cooking and the flexibility to deliver high-yields and a variety of product surface qualities.
Plant Operations and Engineering

Uphill Horizontal Conveyor Moves Products Up 8-Degree Inclines

Aug. 19, 2010
Uphill horizontal motion conveying system by Heat and Control saves floor space.

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Plant Operations and Engineering

Customized Vibratory Conveyors Allow For Wet or Dry Product Transfer

Aug. 19, 2010
Heat and Control offers a conveyor that allows food processors to choose between three drive types and custom accessories to create the ideal vibratory conveyor.

Management Platform Manages Manufacturing Efficiency in Real-Time

July 14, 2010
Information That Matters is an information notification and management platform developed by Heat and Control to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness in food processing plants...
Plant Operations and Engineering

Universal Potato Chip System Creates Personalized Snacks for Each Customer

Jan. 26, 2010
Heat and Control's new system makes all styles of potato chips with one fryer.
Plant Operations and Engineering

Tray Sealer hermetically seals almost any tray at up to 200/minute

Oct. 1, 2009
Heat and Control's Ishida compact QX-series tray sealers apply hermetic seals to any shape or size tray. Models are available for medium speed manual loading and fully automated...

Self-adjusting metal detector provides highest sensitivity

May 12, 2009
Consistently accurate FDA Title 21 compliant inspection for all types of food products is now possible with CEIA THS 21 metal detectors from Heat and Control.Patent-pending CEIA...
Plant Operations and Engineering

Self-adjusting Metal Detector Provides Increased Sensitivity

April 22, 2009
(Click to enlarge image) Consistently accurate, FDA Title 21-compliant inspections for all types of food products are now possible with CEIA THS 21 metal detectors from Heat ...
Plant Operations and Engineering

X-ray Inspection Systems for Sanitary Washdown and Entry-level Applications

April 22, 2009
Ishida's EA-2161 X-ray inspection system detects foreign substances and product defects. (Click to enlarge image) Built to IP69K standards for high-pressure washdown applications...
Plant Operations and Engineering

Motion Conveyor Offers Fast, Sanitary Movement of Fresh Chicken

March 27, 2009
Tenders, strips, boneless breasts and other fresh chicken parts are easily conveyed with the FastBack 260E horizontal motion conveyor from Heat and Control. The most widely used...
Plant Operations and Engineering

Extruder Forms Up To 900 pounds Of Snacks Per Hour For Frying or Baking

March 27, 2009
KoEx friction disk extruders from Heat and Control automatically form up to 900 pounds per hour of twist/curl/collet snacks from de-germed corn grits, polished rice grits, or ...