Equipment Round Up: February 2020

Feb. 11, 2020
Our editors selected the following equipment to feature in our February 2020 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

High-pressure booster system

The Hydro HP is a fully integrated high-pressure booster system offering an energy-efficient solution for clean and wash applications. The system features CR vertical multistage inline pumps, which offer hydraulic performance and bulletproof reliability in a space-saving footprint. The integrated variable-speed drive (VFD) control offers consistent system pressure, whether the system is used to clean with one spray wand or do a full facility washdown, all without the need for a recirculation line. A low-flow jockey pump maintains system pressure to meet low-flow cleaning demands. Built-in logging capability provides historical information for energy analysis. Grundfos Pumps Corp.

Stainless steel mixer/grinder

The all stainless steel 900E mixer/grinder features a 200-lb. hopper capacity and grinds up to 65 lb./min. on second grind. Its ergonomic design helps to improve efficiency and safety while offering user-friendly operations such as easy loading and unloading, as well as easy cleaning after each use. A stainless steel programmable automatic forward/reverse mixing ribbon provides smooth, even, homogenous mixing, as well as a feed screw that operates at right angles to the hopper. This ensures minimal feed screw exposure to the product and minimal temperature build-up to extend shelf life. It also helps to improve product bloom and presentation. Hollymatic

Injector for rapid chilling of sauces and liquids

The Freshline QuickChill injector has been designed to reduce chilling times and increase throughput of a variety of liquid products such as sauces, soups, dressings, marinades, pie fillings and purees. Using the rapid cooling power of liquid nitrogen, the injector chills sauces and liquid products in minutes instead of hours, eliminating process bottlenecks and enabling food manufacturers to double or even triple production rates. This quick chilling also complies with USDA cooling guidelines that require cooked liquid products to be chilled to 40°F (4°C) within five to six hours. The unit can be fitted to a variety of new or existing kettles and vessels. Air Products

Custom flighting and augers

In addition to its wide range of dry and liquid processing equipment, the vendor is now offering custom augers with sectional flighting to your exact specifications. Often industrial and agricultural applications require augers with flighting that is a size not available on the standard augers on the market. The vendor can form and fabricate custom augers with a variety of options for flighting sizes, pitches, and styles, including:

  • Sectional flighting from four inches to eighteen inches in diameter
  • The ability to set the flighting to the pitch from undersized to full pitch
  • Flighting available include solid or tapered
  • Spun and mounted either right or left-handed
  • Shaft sizes of two inches outside diameter and larger

From APEC (Automated Process Equipment Corp.)

Steam boilers

The LX Gas/Low NOx series low- and high-pressure steam boilers (available in models from 50-300 hp) use natural gas or propane and are available in steam pressure options of 300, 170 or 15 mawp). Their compact size allows most models to fit through an industrial 7-ft. doorway, while their nitrogen oxide ratings are as low as 9 ppm depending on model. The EX Gas/Oil series high-pressure steam boilers (available in models starting at 100 hp and in 50 hp increments up to 300 hp) have a design that minimizes carryover and produces dry saturated steam in fewer than 5 min. from a cold start. Miura

Intelligent vacuum pump series

The DZS intelligent 100–400 VSD+ series is a range of air-cooled, oil-free claw pumps made for particularly harsh applications. They come with built-in variable-speed drive (VSD) and can be controlled remotely by the VSD+ app. The 100, 200 and 400 VSD+ series is equipped with corrosion-resistant materials and a durable internal coating. The series offers reduced environmental impact because of its low energy consumption, small space requirements and handling of pollutants. Cleaning or replacing the pump claws does not require gearbox stripping and retiming, enabling quicker and easier access to the inside of the pump. Atlas Copco

Glass-free ISFET pH sensors

Memosens CPS47D, CPS77D and CPS97D ISFET pH sensors are designed for applications in which glass pH sensors present the risk of breakage in challenging process conditions. The sensors are made of unbreakable PEEK and are available with three reference systems. CPS47D and CPS77D sensors are equipped to meet the strict demands of hygienic applications. They have an increased chip surface, making them easy to clean. They deliver stable and reproducible measured values, even after sterilization and autoclaving up to temperatures of 275°F (135°C). The Memosens CPS77D offers maximum bacteria tightness because of its microporous ceramic diaphragm. Endress+Hauser

Self-priming centrifugal pumps

The series 2100 trash- and solids-handling self-priming pump line offers easy access to the impeller and case to remove debris. The pump has an oversized, tapered bore and a self-flushing seal chamber. It also has an optional external flush, resulting in extended seal life. A back pullout design with external impeller adjustment and a replaceable case wearplate allow for continuous high-efficiency performance. The series has capacities to 1,300 gpm, heads to 112 ft. tdh and is available in 3-, 4- and 6-in. sizes. It can handle solids with up to 3-in.dia. spheres. The suction lifts to 25 ft. Vertiflo Pump Co.

Electric food forming system

The 745E food forming system is 100% electric and uses no hydraulic oil or compressed air, which makes for a more hygienic process. Though completely electric, it uses approximately 50% less electricity than other machines its size while forming food at a faster pace. A smaller footprint also makes the system well-suited for food and meat processing operations. Nutec Manufacturing

Double planetary mixing and discharging

The double planetary mixer is available in a super sanitary turnkey configuration, featuring a common stainless steel workbench for both the mixer and a matching discharge system. On the sanitary 4-gal. Model DPM/DS-4S, both interior and exterior stainless steel surfaces are Type 316, with a 150-grit (#4) finish and electropolished. Its jacketed mixing vessel and high-viscosity blades are a dynamic combination for producing thick gels, pastes, putties and other semisolids under precise temperatures, and 100% sealed gearbox and stirrer shafts ensure complete cleanability and eliminate cross-contamination between batches. This system is scalable through 1,000-gal. production models. Ross Mixers

Pulsed UV light as a sterilant

Due to high peak power pulses (> 1 kW/cm2) and broad spectrum (100 – 1100 nm), pulsed ultraviolet (UV) light technology is effective in the treatment of all known virus, bacteria and fungi. Pulsed light is a rapid physical process that causes a molecular rearrangement of the genetic material of the microorganism, killing DNA and inactivating microorganisms, and is classified as a sterilization agent. It's environmentally friendly, nonthermal, dry and without chemicals, making it suitable for food processing. It was approved for food use by the FDA in 1996. This method of surface disinfection can be integrated into equipment wherever bacteria and viruses need to be inactivated rapidly, safely and economically. Xenon Corp.

A factory manufacturing execution system

Factory MES (manufacturing execution system) uses real-time, shop-floor data to give operators, supervisors and executives actionable intelligence and complete visibility into production and quality to optimize plan attainment and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). Available on-premise and in the cloud, the MES system replaces non-value-added paper systems with user-friendly technology to drive continuous improvement and collaboration across your organization. Factory MES gives you business intelligence and analytics to improve service levels and reduce overtime and product costs. It yields the reporting and analytics capabilities you need to improve operations and reduce costs. Aptean

Improves compliance; Reduces cost of ownership

The new GC Series conveyorized metal detection systems improve compliance and reduce total cost of ownership. They support food and non-food manufacturers' quality and production objectives by providing robust, easy to use, modular equipment that is readily re-configurable to support future requirements. The highly configurable design can adapt to the changing requirements of the food industry and to manufacturers' needs. They can be supplied with a variety of Safeline metal detectors, polyurethane or modular belts and different reject mechanisms. It is also possible to re-configure the system to adapt to changing production and retailer demands. Mettler Toledo Product Inspection

Delivering highly accurate dosing in a hygienic, compact design

The Feedos S line of bulk material feeding systems was developed to deliver highly accurate dosing in a hygienic, compact design. They feature a proprietary rectangular helix design that promotes constant product flow from the hopper to the feeding tool for uniform dispensing to mixing and other secondary processes. The novel configuration also ensures complete discharge with minimal residue and disassembles in seconds without reaching into the chamber for safe, fast, easy cleaning. It automatically meters free-flowing and flow-resistant granular and powdered materials at high feed rates to nearly 20 cubic feet per hour operating in a choice of volumetric or gravimetric feeding modes. Gericke USA

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