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Equipment Round Up: October 2019

Oct. 15, 2019
Our editors selected the following equipment products to feature in our October 2019 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Bag Filters for Fine Filtration

New multilayer, polyester and polypropylene felt filter bags make possible filtration to 1 micron. Applications include: beverage, dairy, foods and pharmaceuticals, vegetable oils, and pre-filters. These sanitary service filters conform to USDA/3A dairy standards with housings of polished 316 stainless steel and have quick-release clamp-type covers. Outlets and inlets have sanitary flange connections. All internal surfaces can be visually inspected (and easily cleaned in place). Rosedale Products; Ann Arbor, Mich.; 800.821.5373; www.rosedaleproducts.com

Skid-mounted high-shear powder induction and mixing system

Model HSM-405SC-25 is an in-line high-shear rotor/stator mixing system incorporating solid/liquid injection manifold (SLIM) technology. The rotor/stator generates a powerful vacuum without the aid of external pumps and pulls powders directly into the mix chamber, promoting instantaneous wet-out under high-shear conditions. Mounted on a multipurpose skid with load cells, actuated valves and level switches, it recirculates into a 400-gal. jacketed tank and is controlled from a 15-in. industrial PC with Windows. Charles Ross & Son; Hauppauge, N.Y.; 800-243-7677; www.mixers.com

Twin screw conveyor

The Twin Bev-Con flexible screw conveyor system with a common hopper and mobile base is constructed and finished to sanitary standards. Ready to plug-in and run, the self-contained system can fill two vessels with the same material simultaneously. Mounted on a frame with locking casters for in-plant mobility, it can be utilized in multiple locations then rolled to a wash-down booth. The hopper is equipped with dual discharge adapters, each of which charges a Bev-Con flexible screw engineered to move free- and non-free-flowing bulk materials that pack, cake, smear, fluidize, compress, or are otherwise problematic to convey. Flexicon Corp.; Bethlehem, Pa.; 610-814-2400; www.flexicon.com

In-tank mixer

The JET-shear in-tank mixer offers interchangeable stainless steel work heads that are designed for 3A and CIP. The JET-shear can be used in open and closed tanks, drums or tote processing up to 1000 gallons/3785 liters. The maximum working shaft is 96 in./2440cm and can be mounted in several configurations. This durable mixer is designed with a stainless steel bearing housing and can be equipped with up to a 30hp motor. Typical applications are to agitate, de-agglomerate, disperse, dissolve, emulsify, eliminate fisheyes, homogenize, process acceleration and particle reduction. Ampco Pumps Co.; Glendale Wis.; 800-737-8671; www.ampcopumps.com

Multi-piston depositor

The Multistation is an alternative to traditional confectionery gearwheel depositors. It’s a compact machine that provides fast, precise, multi-piston depositing using servo-driven technology. Deposit range is 0.2-8.7 oz. It's easy to assemble, with tool-free connections and comes with a programmable, color touchscreen that includes recipe storage. Unifiller Systems; Delta, British Columbia; www.unifiller.com


The new Eagle Pack 240 HC, a high-performance compact x-ray machine designed for easy washdowns in harsh environments for packaged meat, poultry, dairy and other food applications where daily sanitization of equipment is mandatory. The machine provides superior x-ray performance and can detect foreign bodies in several package types, including chubs, over-wrapped trays, pouches, cartons, tubs, cups and plastic containers. Eagle Product Inspection; Lutz, Fla.; 877-379-1670; www.eaglepi.com

Preconditioner for extruders

The Preconditioner+ is designed for operation with both single- and twin-screw extruders. The units are engineered with dual sets of counter-rotating, intermeshing and adjustable paddles and liquid injection ports that can be positioned precisely to maximize liquid ingredient absorption. These features generate homogeneous, pretreated material at high extruder throughputs with reduced specific mechanical energy (SME) and residence time. With lower torque and shear requirements, extruder screws and barrel also experience less wear. This design achieves product temperatures to 205°F for maximum starch gelatinization before extrusion. It has a hygienic design of stainless steel with minimum retention zones and full accessibility for cleaning. Clextral; Tampa, Fla.; 813-854-4434; www.clextral.com

Wash-down station with user-defined temperature

The STVM Washdown Station combines steam and water to deliver a high temperature wash at a user-defined temperature using the company's proprietary Silent Venturi Mixing Valve. The system’s design is self-scouring, which prevents mineral buildup in tight spaces and reduces maintenance frequency. It's in-line serviceable, so the operator can switch out the cartridge with a spare, and the unit is operating in minutes. The mixing valve is designed to reduce flow if the output temperature exceeds the factory set-point and will completely stop flow 15°F above that. The unit functions mechanically and requires no outside source of electricity to operate. ThermOmegaTech; Warminster, Pa.; 877-379-8258; www.thermomegatech.com

High-volume labeling of cases and trays with enhanced print quality

The CrossMerge label applicator module for print and apply labeling is well-suited for high-volume secondary packaging lines. The technology rotates the print head, which increases label output while simplifying mechanics and improving print quality and barcode readability. It prints GS1-compliant barcodes in the “picket fence” direction and applies labels in landscape orientation. The rotating print head also experiences reduced wear and tear. A high-speed vacuum belt, which transfers the labels, and the spring-loaded roller, which applies the labels, minimize moving parts to further reduce maintenance. It can be equipped to apply side labels to cases, trays, shrink-wrapped bundles and other secondary packages. ID Technology/ProMach; Ft. Worth, Texas; 888-438-3242; www.idtechnology.com

Ultra-hygienic robotic food handling cell

Designed specifically to meet European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) standards, the HFPC 120 robotic food handling system uses a modular approach and allows the cell to be customized in a way that matches the requirements of a user’s food processing line exactly. It orients and places primary meat products such as chicken portions, steaks and burgers into trays. CME; Chard, U.K.; +44 1460 269534; cme-ltd.com

Hazardous area tablet PC

The Field Xpert SMT77 is a rugged tablet PC tool for commissioning and maintenance staff to manage field instruments and document the work progress. It comes preinstalled with device configuration software and device library. The device enables plant asset management in Class I, Div. 1 hazardous areas and supports HART, Profibus DP/PA, Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus, CDI and Endress+Hauser service interfaces. The device library has more than 2,700 preinstalled device and communication drivers, allowing it to work with many different instruments. It can connect to field instrumentation devices directly via a USB or Bluetooth wireless modem or via a gateway, remote I/O or multiplexer to a bus system. Endress+Hauser; Greenwood, Ind.; 317-535-2108; www.us.endress.com

High-accuracy vibratory feeding technology

The K3 line of vibratory feeders for dry bulk solids features a patent-pending drive system combined with an advanced control package. The feeder can achieve accuracies averaging 35% better over traditional vibratory technologies, says the company. It offers gentle handling of the bulk material, high accuracy and fast product changeover. The drive’s shock absorber design enables it to deliver a continuous, even product discharge with minimal pulsations. It uses a flexible pendulum technology that provides shock absorption only parallel to the desired direction of motion, eliminating rotational movement. This parallel motion ensures an even material flow of the product along the tray’s length. Coperion; Stuttgart, Germany; +49 (0) 711 897-0; www.coperion.com

Small but powerful meat recovery

The supplier's new HS200 Series Bone Cannon is the “little brother” of its workhorse HS250 Bone Cannon. The HS200 offers the same maximum carcass utilization, durability and application flexibility — but in a space-saving design. After hand-trimming, bones still retain up to 30% meat to bone weight. These machines help achieve maximum carcass utilization while maintaining minimum production costs. Provisur® Technologies; Mokena, Ill.; 708 479 3500; www.provisur.com


The Inline Cup and Tray System is designed for liquid, powder, scale, volumetric, hand and specialty filling. It accommodates up to six lanes of cups or trays ranging from 2 in. to 12 in. width, with up to 20 cycles per minute per line. The system also allows for modified atmosphere packaging as well as automatic lid placing, shrink banding, date coding, labeling, automatic case packing, and a case shrink system. Ohlson Packaging; Taunton, Mass.; 508.977.0004; www.ohlsonpack.com

Soft edge, high-speed interior door

The FlexTec high-performance door has a soft, flexible edge that virtually eliminates entrapment concerns within high-traffic interior applications. Standard features include automatic self-repair, an Advanced Light Curtain Safety System, Pathwatch Safety Light System and a wear-resistant one-ply Rilon panel material. In concert with the soft bottom edge, an opening speed of up to 100 inches per second helps provide extra protection against impact while safeguarding high-traffic environments. Rytec; Jackson, Wis.; 262-677-6271; www.rytecdoors.com

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