Equipment Round Up: April 2019

April 4, 2019
Our editors selected the following equipment products to feature in our April 2019 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Mixed, No Damage

Corn-based food products require special handling to ensure thorough mixing without damaging ingredients. The #9M agitator accomplishes that with: Vertical, double-motion counter-rotating agitation to move corn mix effectively; Slow mixing action driven by a powerful drive unit to protect kernels; and Scraper blades to keep ingredients evenly mixed and prevent settling. Double-motion, vertical agitation is ideal for corn mix processing, and can be fabricated and installed into hemispherical bottom kettles with a tilting feature for cleaning and maintenance. Custom-designed agitators can also be incorporated into dished-bottom and cone-bottom tanks. Lee Industries; Philipsburg, Pa.; 814-342-0461;

Level switch with a heartbeat

The new Liquiphant FTL51B follows in the footsteps of the tried-and-tested tuning fork–based Liquiphant level switches. This robust point level switch is suitable for use with all liquids and now comes with the integrated Heartbeat Technology for documented proof testing without removing the instrument or interrupting the process. Heartbeat is a technology that provides a high level of system availability with minimal effort. Integrated Heartbeat Technology delivers concise, standardized diagnostic notifications and monitoring data that allow users to service and maintain their systems precisely when needed. In combination with the Netilion applications, this data enables predictive maintenance. The information also provides an indication of operational reliability and process safety. Since the instruments automatically monitor their own condition, manual inspection cycles can be reduced. Endress+Hauser; Greenwood, Ind.; 888-363-7377;

Extruder for lab or pilot plant

Hardly any other process like extrusion offers such great potential for the development of products. The new TwinLab-F 20/40 is a laboratory-sized twin-screw extruder with a modular, food-grade design that can be used for a wide variety of experiments in the food and feed sector. Conveying, kneading and mixing elements can be combined according to the process sequence. Different die geometries allow any shape of the extrudate. Cold formed products such as noodles and indirectly or directly expanded products such as flat bread or snack food can be produced on a laboratory scale as can textured protein. Four liner openings at the top and two at the side allow the addition of ingredients such as solids and liquids at several process points. Optionally, a dosing unit can be used. Over the length of the extruder, four heating and cooling zones ensure the optimum temperature in each process area. The horizontal division of the liner allows evaluation of the screw configuration after the test and facilitates cleaning, saving time between test runs. Brabender GmbH & Co.; Duisburg,Germany; +49 203 7788-148;

Steam and water washdown station

The STVM washdown station delivers a high-temperature wash at a user-defined temperature using the proprietary silent Venturi mixing valve, or STVM, to combine steam and water. The mixing valve’s design is self-scouring, which prevents mineral buildup in tight spaces and reduces maintenance frequency. To minimize downtime during routine maintenance, the station has a simple cartridge design. The cartridge is removed with a wrench and cleaned in a descaling solution before reassembly. Safety features include a mixing valve designed to reduce flow if the output temperature exceeds the factory set-point and interlocking steam and water shut-off ball valves. ThermOmegaTech; Warminster, Pa.; 877-379-8258;

Enhanced control for dc installations

DCS880 variable-speed drives (VSDs) are DC units built on an all-compatible, common drive platform, sharing the same control panel, features and tools as recent- and future-generation ABB drives. The drives also can be integrated with Ability monitoring services, a unified, cross-industry, digital offering that provides real-time data about drive status and performance from any location. Monitoring parameters include drive availability, environmental conditions and fault events. The drives feature built-in functions such as safe torque off (STO), which prevents unexpected startup of machinery. ABB; New Berlin, Wis.; 800 4357 365;

Remove metal from difficult-flow dry products

The RotoDrawer is a rotary style, drawer-in-housing magnet to rid ferrous metal from powder & bulk processed products that have difficult flow characteristics and a tendency to bridge and choke when using traditional, stationary tube style magnetic separators. It's suitable for products that have a higher moisture content or particle size, such as flours, cake mixes or corn starch, and require a high degree of product purity. The magnet features a motorized, cylindrical configuration of rare earth magnetic tubes on a horizontal plane that continually rotate through a gravity fed product stream. The rotational design of the magnet, as well as splitter bars that serve to further break up any clumps of product, keep the flow moving through the housing while capturing any ferrous metal contamination and purifying the product. Industrial Magnetics Inc.; Boyne City, Mich.; 800-662-4638;

Lift and seal container dumper

The 9110-AA food grade Lift & Seal Container Dumper discharges containers of food product into an existing hopper at 72 in. above floor level. Unit features heavy wall, tubular carbon steel construction with continuous welds. The 304-2B stainless steel pour hood has continuous TIG welds, polished smooth, and the pour hood discharge outlet includes an air actuated butterfly valve with a nylon-11 coated disc and a food grade EPDM seat. The system includes an electrically driven gearmotor coupled with a variable frequency drive, configured with the vendor's exclusive two-speed circuit for a quiet, smooth, and controlled rotation. Carbon steel structural components are finished with an FDA Coropoxy Polyamide paint finish, designed for use in food & beverage processing facilities. Units are custom designed for your requirements with discharge heights to 40 ft. for any size or weight container. Material Transfer; Allegan, Mich.; 269-673-2125;

Wireless sensor tackles adoption barriers

The Leap Sensor system addresses the five biggest roadblocks to wireless implementation: data security, suitability for specific application needs, the need to provide actionable “small” data, quick proof of concept and ease of installation. The system’s Thread network technology, an IPv6-based low-power mesh, incorporates “banking class” security to ensure end-to-end security of data transmission. Highly modular hardware and firmware can be quickly adapted to particular requirements, such as a new sensor input, alternate radio technology or communication protocol. Its electronics are rated from -40°F to 250°F operating temperature and can be extended with special enclosures. Phase IV Engineering; Boulder, Colo.; 303-443-6611;

Tubular LED for harsh environments

Designed for food processing, the Starduster Q3 Series LED light fixture features a 3-in. diameter acrylic housing with sleek lines, stainless steel end-caps and smooth surface. Available in 2700K-5000K, the fixture offers an output of up to 135 lm/w. The enclosure has IP67, IP65 ratings. It can be suspended or surface-mounted and comes in 2-, 4- and 8-ft. lengths. Fixtures can be customized for specific applications. Paramount Industries; Croswell, Mich.; 810.679.2551;

Continuous mixer

Short retention times, constant reproducibility, the highest degree of homogeneity of the final product and versatile application are the features of the continuous Ploughshare mixer KM. It is the right type of mixer for a multitude of applications. The low-maintenance KM is suitable for processing powdery, fibrous or granular solids, as well as liquids and pastes. Granulation processes can also be carried out with a minimum dwell-time. Lödige Process Technology; Paderborn, Germany; +49 5251-3090;

X-ray system targets smaller contaminants

The X34 X-ray system detects physical contaminants across a range of packaged foods, helping to eliminate product recalls and protecting brand reputations. The system comes with software that enables automated product setup, decreasing the chance of human error and reducing the number of false rejects. Mettler Toledo; Lutz, Fla.; 813-889-9500;

Hybrid RF and hot-air impingement drying system

The Macrowave Express series increases drying efficiency and line productivity while reducing water activity and carbon emissions and eliminating product checking. Suitable for processing bedded products such as cereals, snack mixes, seeds, spices and granular blends, these systems have demonstrated a 40% increase in energy efficiency over conventional gas-fired drying systems, says the company. When exposed to RF energy, a product will heat throughout its entire thickness, evaporating moisture in situ, and force the escaping vapor to the product’s surface. There the vapor is swept away by the impinged hot air, leaving the product uniformly dry throughout its thickness. Radio Frequency Co.; Millis, Mass.; 508-376-9555;

Twintube form-fill-seal machine for sweets and snacks

The BVC 145 TwinTube is a continuous-motion unit producing as many as 500 bags/min. in a 2.85m x 1.325m footprint. Designed for confectionary and snack food packaging, the unit produces bags up to 145mm wide and 220mm long, with options to upgrade up to 320mm. The process takes packaging material from a single film roll and slits it into two film webs capable of forming, filling and sealing 250 finished bags/min. The machine also offers the option of packaging material infeed along two separate film rolls. Automatic edge control allows for repeatable format changeover and a tight tolerance on the longitudinal seal. Rovema NA; Norcross, Ga.; 404-640-5310;

Electric chain hoist with a 3-ton capacity

The CM Lodestar VS electric chain hoist is available in capacities up to 3 tons and features the CM HI-Tech computer interface. This hoist interface technology allows operators to adjust hoist speed and performance parameters to deliver the precision load control their applications demand. Using the interface, operators can set upper and lower hoist limits, enable additional electronic overload protection and access hoist status and fault information instantly. Columbus McKinnon Corp.; Getzville, N.Y.; 800-888-0985;

Hybrid evaporative cooling system

The Accuchiller TCF model chiller uses a hybrid film evaporator that provides the energy efficiency of wet (flooded) systems using less refrigerant. Unlike flooded evaporative systems, which immerse copper water tubes in liquid refrigerant, hybrid film evaporation systems use a thin film of refrigerant. The technology provides a 25% smaller footprint, which maximizes floor space, and reduces energy use by 34%. The chiller features the company’s PLC system to control, monitor and maintain the pumping system’s operation. A color touchscreen displays a variety of operational screens, including time-stamped faults or alarms and compressor and pump hours. Thermal Care; Niles, Ill.; 847-966-2260;

Vacuum packaging for dry goods preservation

The VacQPack system combines low pressure, low oxygen and temperature monitoring to create a perfectly preserved space for shipping dry goods. This organic method of low-oxygen and low-condensation increases the length of time that dry goods can be stored without spoilage. The company says that, by some estimates, dry goods stored using this method may last four years longer than traditional methods. The system also helps improves resistance to oxidation, color change and undesirable taste changes without pesticide use. VacQPack; La Mirada, Calif.; 562 846 1391;

Semimanual integrated system with pick-and-place robot

The semimanual Cumulus model SLPP-15 case packer combines solutions from NJM and Wexxar Bel. This high-performance, integrated system features a servo-driven, two-axis pick-and-place robot and comes ready to comply with serialization requirements, if needed. The system can pack 180 bottles/min. depending on the number of layers and bottles in the case to produce as many as 10 cases/min. It handles round and rectangular bottles from 1-6 in. (25-152mm) in diameter and from 2-8 in. (51-201mm) high. It can be changed over quickly to handle a new bottle and case size, with no tools required. NJM; Lebanon, N.H.; 603-448-0300;

Cool illumination

This LED bay light provides bright illumination while keeping the heat away. It offers a variety of outputs (six lumen options ranging from 12,000 to 36,000), three mounting options (aircraft cable, conduit and flush), a rotatable module providing various angles of distribution and five interchangeable lens options to shape and direct light where it needs to go. It is rated up to 187 lumens/W and maintains output for 150,000 hr. With a rugged, thermodynamic design for dissipating heat, the light won’t break, flicker or overheat. Maximum temperature rating is 149°F (65°C). Big Ass Fans; Lexington, Ky.; 877-244-3267;

Pneumatic conveying system

The Pulse-Flow PTA dense-phase pneumatic conveying system directs air or nitrogen into the pressure vessel and pipeline in timed, regular pulses that form the dry material into separate, wavelike, pulsed slugs. Creating a gentle conveying action, the system operates at high pressures with low gas velocities to safely convey sensitive products in mass flow up to 500 ft. to a receiving destination with minimal particle degradation or separation. It is suitable for conveying fragile, free-flowing and cohesive powders, granulates, coarse-grained products and bulk food. The integrated conveying system is designed for reliable, unattended, 24/7 operation with easy access for cleaning. Gericke USA; Somerset, N.J.; 855-888-0088;

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