Process Expo 2015: Equipment Product Roundup

Nov. 10, 2015
Process Expo and the International Dairy Show were co-located in Chicago's McCormick Place September 15-18. These are the highlighted products from the show.

The next Process Expo will be a stand-alone event again in Chicago in the fall of 2017. The International Dairy Foods Assn. will fold its show into the new ProFood Tech April 4-6, 2017 in Chicago's McCormick Place.

Process Expo and the International Dairy Show were co-located, albeit for the last time, in Chicago's McCormick Place Sept. 15-18. The combined shows had 19,670 attendees.

Some interesting new products from this year's combined shows:

New sanitary vertical Z conveyor

New for Process Expo was the DynaClean Vertical Z Conveyor. A solution for food processing facilities that need to move product to higher elevations, it reduces the cost of ownership by offering a sanitary design that is easier to clean than bucket conveyors. Bucket elevators are difficult to clean with their exposed moving parts and hidden areas, but DynaClean allows for 100 percent cleaning with no hidden places for product to gather.

Dynamic Conveyor; Muskegon, Mich.; 231-798-1483;

Pre-insulated ABS piping system

Cool-Fit Plus is a pre-insulated plastic piping system for glycol applications, especially suitable for indirect cooling applications. It's energy-efficient, non-corroding and maintenance free and eliminates the need for welding and the weight of heavy metal piping. And because frictional pressure losses in the plastic are lower than in steel, processors can use smaller pipe sizes, which saves on pipe cost, space and installation time.

GF Piping Systems; Tustin, Calif.; 714-731-8800;

No tipping necessary

The No Tip Unloader allows the unloading of drums and bins without the need to lift and tip the bin while also maintaining containment, as with traditional "drum tippers." This next-generation machine uses a vacuum conveying lance, complete with suitable sensors and controls, to enter the drum from above to unload materials. Unloading is achieved while maintaining the security of any liner, and an optional dust container can be added for containment at levels up to the HEPA standard. When the No-Tip is coupled with a vacuum receiver, it is possible to unload a drum as far as 200 ft. away from the discharge point. The No-Tip can be assembled on either a floor mounted post hoist or a mobile trolley, providing ultimate flexibility in the production process.

Volkmann; Bristol, Pa.; 609-265-0101;

Two-way diverter valve

The WYK Two-Way Diverter Valve is suited for inline material handling of hygienic and difficult to handle powders, such as whey powder, lactose, dried milk powders and infant formula. This valve can be used in pneumatic conveying systems to divert transfer of the powder to different locations. The fully automatic CIP cleaning design permits complete purging of all product residues after the automatic cleaning process. Due to a unique retractable rotor assembly, the rotor can be pulled slightly out of the housing towards the rear of the valve, thus allowing the cleaning solution to rinse all product contact surfaces within the valve.

Coperion K-Tron; Salina, Kan.; 785-825-3884;

Chillin' from the inside

An in-line nitrogen gas injection system, ColdFront can cool or even freeze products from the inside-out. Chilling products direct from the cook cycle – prior to packaging – addresses productivity issues. In freezing applications, the cryogenic hardening reduces the load on existing mechanical refrigeration capacity and improves the quality and shelf life of the product.

Praxair; Burr Ridge, Ill.; 800-772-9247;

Batch-weigh vacuum conveying systems

The vendor's batch-weigh vacuum convey systems are designed to custom-deliver powders, flakes and other granular bulk materials to process vessels with a high level of accuracy based on preprogrammed formulations. Systems are designed in 316L Stainless Steel and USDA Dairy accepted and combine modern computerized technology with innovative pneumatic and mechanical conveying for automated dust-free ingredient handling with little or no human interface. Bulk materials are conveyed from drums, bags, or super sacks with system automatically batching precise weight of ingredients to weigh hopper. Batch-weigh system accuracies are within 0.5 percent of the batch size.

Vac-U-Max; Belleville, N.J.; 973-759-4600;

Enhanced metal detection and magnetic separation

Enhanced performance in metal detection is delivered with the Xtreme metal detector platform, which has 22 percent greater sensitivity than the previous detector from the company. For upstream screening of incoming materials, the firm offers the Xtreme rare earth plate magnet, composed of a permanent magnet of neodymium, boron and iron. Because of the magnet’s power, it cannot be used with products with low iron levels, such as enriched flour. In those applications, ceramic magnets are recommended.

Eriez; Erie, Pa.; 814-835-6000;

Validation of aseptic particulate

How to prove the cold spot in the fastest-moving particle in a continuous-flow aseptic process reached pasteurization temperature? It's possible with Asepti-Sense, a system that uses a time-temperature integrating device that relies on a magnetic implant to emulate food particulates and measure heat transfer. The device emits a radio signal when the set-point temperature is reached and measures hold time. The device can reduce FDA validation for low-acid particulate up to 5/8th inches to a few hours.

Aseptia Inc.; Raleigh, N.C.; 855-273-7800;

Decentralized industrial cooling system

Technology transfer from the plastics industry can produce significant energy savings for beer and beverage processors, according to this Italian OEM. The firm spotlighted its modular chiller concept, which uses multiple units and makes use of both outside air and chilled water to step down fluid temperatures in stages and without ammonia. Compared to central chillers, which output coolant at the lowest required temperature, the system can lower energy inputs 30-65 percent, the firm maintains.

Frigel North America Inc.; East Dundee, Ill.; 847-540-0160;

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