Equipment Round-Up January 2015

Jan. 9, 2015
Food and beverage equipment hand-picked by the editors of Food Processing.

Horizontal form/fill/seal/packaging

The company’s horizontal form, fill and seal packaging machines are constructed with two four-point lifting stations that generate up to five metric tons of closing pressure for sealing and forming. A rapid air forming systems allows the use of thinner films while maintaining thickness in package corners, resulting in packaging material savings. The machines are made of heavy-duty stainless steel and feature high production rates with sanitary designs.

Reiser; Canton, Mass.


Skin packaging with no waste

Darfresh on Tray, a joint technology development with Sealed Air, is a revolutionary new skin packaging technology that uses 100 percent of the skin film to seal the packages, generating zero scrap loss and eliminating the need for scrap wind-ups, thus cutting costs and increasing speed. The system is enabled by the innovative and patented Mondini Platform Technology, which allows a single tray sealing machine to produce a variety of packaging formats with minimal changeover time.

Motion Industries General Product Catalog

Motion Industries, distributor of industrial maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) replacement parts, in December updated its General Product Catalog. The revised, digital-only version contains many new products, but the new interactive, format allows greater usability and ease-of-use for customers. Published as a modern e-reader, it has full-color photos and descriptions of more than 44,000 products and is searchable by key word. Every product listing contains a direct link to the corresponding web page on Browsing is also made easy by selecting any of the 20 product categories such as Bearings, Material Handling, Industrial Products, etc. It's also downloadable in PDF format, either in its entirety or by individual product category.

Harpak-ULMA; Taunton, Mass.


Double diaphragm pump now in stainless

The vendor's energy-efficient Pro-Flo Shift Air Distribution System (ADS) is now available in 316 stainless steel and polypropylene plastic materials of construction, joining the original aluminum and nickel-plated aluminum offerings. The new materials allow for even more usage in the food & beverage industry. This air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump enables up to a 60 percent savings in air consumption over competitive AODD pump technologies, while providing more product yield per standard cubic foot per minute (SCFM). It also costs 50 percent less than electronically actuated ADS units, is submersible and features plug-and-play operation.  Additionally, the Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT has fewer operating parts, which equates to less downtime and simple maintenance.

Wilden Pump/Dover Pump Solutions Group; Grand Terrace, Calif.


Tiny doses

The D8RE3000 chemical injector allows for the smallest injection rates of any D8R series injector, making it suitable for the application of peracetic acid (PAA), quaternary ammonium and other food sanitation chemicals that must be applied in small doses. It has an injection range of 1:3000 to 1:800, or 0.03% to 0.125%. The unit is manufactured from chemical-resistant polypropylene and is a solution for injecting food sanitation chemicals.

Dosatron International; Tampa, Fla.


Ultra-high shear mixer

The company’s inline rotor/stator mixer generates fine dispersions and emulsions with exceptionally narrow particle size distribution. The X-series ultra-high shear mixer is a precisely machined stator with concentric rows of teeth and a matching rotor that turns at tip speeds more than 11,000 feet per minute. Process fluid enters from the center and accelerates out through channels in the intermeshing teeth. The mixer features a cartridge seal design and barrier fluid tank that can be completely disassembled and cleaned.

Charles Ross & Son Company; Hauppauge, N.Y.


Bulk bag discharging system

A patented bulk bag discharging system provides dust-tight discharge of non-free flowing materials. A stainless steel actuated discharge spout closure system halts material flow for partial bag discharge while an actuated spout clamping system seals the bag discharge spout for dust-tight operation. A fully integrated 12-in. diameter sanitary stainless steel lump breaker with sizing screen returns material agglomerations back to a manageable particle size. Systems are custom designed for specific application requirements.

Material Transfer; Allegan, Mich.


Heavy duty depositor

The company’s heavy duty industrial batter depositing machine uses a servo drive to more the entire depositor timed with continuously moving baking bands or pan conveyors. Large-scale production of products with or without particulates is possible with speeds of 900 per minute and positive shut-off spouts, making it ideas for pancakes, waffles, cupcakes, cake batter, muffins or flowable cookie batters. Rapid sanitizing is made possible with the use of tool free quick release contact parts while hopper agitation maintains the correct ratio of liquids and solids.

Hinds-Bock; Bothell, Wash.


UV system for heat resistant mold

Prevent spoilage and disinfect heat resistant mold with ETS-Ultraviolet systems. Heat resistant molds survive high temperatures of the pasteurization process and grow slowly and visibly in final products. The company’s UV system with a thin film geometry disinfects heat resistant molds and other spoilage organisms typically found in syrup and fruit juices.

Neptune Benson; Coventry, R.I.


Level sensor with hazardous location certification

The SmartBob AO level sensor with integrated 4-20 mA analog output received hazardous location certification. It is listed for Class II, Groups E, F and G, and enclosure types NEMA 4X, 5 and 12, ensuring the sensor is safe to use in locations where combustible dust may be present. This continuous level sensor works like an automated tape measure, but eliminates the needs to climb bins for manual measurements to reduce risk in the workplace. The SmartBob AO features two relays that are configurable by the user. The user simply selects any two of four different relay options in any combination including measurement status (measurement in process), high level alarm, low level alarm or error alarm (sensor did not take a measurement).

BinMaster; Lincoln, Neb.


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