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July 10, 2008 knows how important food safety is to your business. Check out the food safety articles we've put together for you.

Regulatory issues

Regulatory Issues
The most pressing regulatory issues of 2008

FDA Denies Petition on Whole Grain Descriptors
Currently, hundreds of products are marketed with “whole grain” statements, despite ambiguity concerning the regulatory status of descriptors such as “good” and “excellent” source.

When FDA smells a rat
In cases of adulterated food, it isn't necessary for the government to prove that a defendant intended to violate the law

What’s in a name?
FDA and USDA propose new principles for food standards of identity.

Generally recognized meaning of GRAS
The GRAS exception exists so FDA does not spend valuable resources reviewing things that clearly are safe.

Safety in (registration) numbers
In accordance with new bioterrorism legislation, FDA publishes proposed facility registration and import notification rules

More red tape
FDA proposes recordkeeping and administrative detention rules

New rules on reporting contamination
Manufacturers will not have the option of handing recalls quietly. Information may even appear on FDA’s web site.

Regulatory Roundup
As the legislative year grinds to a halt, here’s what’s left – and what will be on the table when things pick up again.

E.U. issues new GMO regulations
The new rules may represent a step forward -- and the most that any proponent of genetically modified foods can realistically hope for

Science and food safety
The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) recently published a report entitled "Scientific Criteria to Ensure Safe Food." If you haven't heard about this report yet, there's a good chance you will in the future.

A tiny bit of regulation
In addition to questions about how FDA will address food nanotechnology is the question of consumer acceptance. Hopefully, we will not see a repeat of the war against genetically modified foods.

Security, safety and efficiency
Two years ago, no one could have predicted that food security would so dominate FDA's priorities for 2003 and beyond

Food Safety Warnings
Two developments regarding the preemption of state food safety warnings the food industry should know.

Pros and cons of food recall authority
There are reasons why giving FDA recall powers may not have a positive impact on food safety.

A Stronger, Safer FDA
The agency's number one goal is "efficient, science-based risk management"

Democrats eye regulatory changes
We may see the creation of a Food Safety Administration, taking all food safety activities from FDA, USDA and EPA.

Labeling reconsidered for irradiated foods
Irradiation may not eliminate food poisoning, but it would be a big step in the right direction.

Natural acrylamide in food faces FDA scrutiny
Are warnings for acrylamide in foods informative, premature or preempted?

FDA may cut food-contact program
The agency’s proposed budget may mean an end to the efficient and speedy Food Contact Notification Program … and two- to five-year waits for reviews.

Aspartame gets scrutinized again
The sweetener is the most scrutinized food additive present in the diet. Regulatory bodies around the world have agreed many times on its safety.

Guard against intentional contamination
The food industry is fortunate Congress and FDA have not developed more specific requirements for food security.

Food Allergen Update
At the end of 2006, FDA issued Edition 4 of its Food Allergen Guidance for Industry.

News bites

An analysis of the FDA food safety plan
Two associates of Washington law firm Keller and Heckman LLP listened in on an FDA audioconference about the Food Protection Plan presented Nov. 6.

Meat Safety Under the Microscope
The initial bull market for beef created huge trade for low-priced, good quality meat. But it also opened the door to food safety and health issues.

Wellness Foods' Regulatory Issues: It’s a Natural
A “natural” claim for foods is still subject to uncertainty over standards.

Report from Pack/Process Expo 2007
Food safety and sustainability were the hot topics at this annual exhibition.

USDA announces unified food safety agenda
Also a list of research needs specific to meat, poultry and egg products

Three big rules to take effect this year
Growing grassroots interest in food safety may mean that more are on the way

Boutique Meats
Consumers are reacting to meat health and safety concerns by broadening their range of choices.

Confidence shaken
Food safety issues are changing consumer shopping behavior, according to News & Trends Editor Diane Toops in her monthly installment.

FDA wants to station inspectors around the globe
FDA hopes to improving the quality of food imported into the U.S.

Mad cow disease comes calling
Public confidence in the U.S. is unshaken -- so far

Editorial and Opinion

China Syndrome
It will be a long time before what I’m calling “the China Syndrome” ceases to be a newsworthy issue in food processing.

Editor's Plate: The Wal-Mart effect on food safety
‘We’re rolling back prices … on food safety.’

Power Lunch: Defense strategies for food liability
Sound preparation before a food illness outbreak ever happens will help minimize the outbreak and provide legal defense.

Power Lunch: Safety doesn’t have to be protectionist
Even with recent Chinese food safety problems, we must distinguish between prudence and protectionism.

Ingredients and formulation

New ingredient tools put food safety into foodservice
Processors must step up sanitation efforts when providing minimally processed foods.

Formulating for increased shelf life
‘Fresh,’ organic and other consumer trends are elbowing out some traditional technologies. But there are new techniques to keep food safe and salable.

Zero-tolerance in production quality & safety
No matter what branch of the food and beverage industry you’re in, the types of products you manufacture, or the size of your company — product safety is every producers’ first priority.

Ingredients from Where?
A flattening world, consumer price resistance and overtaxed regulators require new approaches to ensure the safety of imported food ingredients.

Ensuring the safety of ingredients
The supply chain is in the capable hands of processors

Plant safety and security

Secure your plant
Food plants are fertile ground for product contamination from tiny microbes to terrorists. You need a plan that extends beyond HACCP.

Food Safety: What's the big deal about HACCP and uniforms?
In this exclusive interview, Al Baroudi, Ph.D., president of president of Food Safety Institute International, discusses what drives his relentless pursuit of food safety and what makes handling of uniforms a critical control point.

Designing food safety into your plant
Don't make food safety an afterthought. Carefully planning the design and materials used in your plant can help insure the safety of your food production.

Clean and mean
Employee hygiene goes ‘hand in hand’ with food safety.

Allergens in the plant: Nothing to sneeze at
An allergen in your product or processing area could prove tragic to company and consumer. These plant procedures can help keep your products true to their ingredient statements.

Pest control
They’re not a regular part of plant clean-up chores, but pests are a constant challenge to plant hygiene and obviously are a critical component to keeping any plant truly hygienic.

Manufacturing concerns for a scary new world
Food safety, plant security, traceability among top issues for 2004

Bring on the heat!
Cost, quality and safety concerns of food processors drive improvements in heat transfer systems.

Uniforms in the plant: Improving security in food processing
This article from Aramark Uniform Services explains how uniforms can help enhance plant security as well as product safety in food processing facilities.

Five steps to better hygiene
Ecolab offers these five measures to increase the hygiene levels of plant personnel

New sanitation technologies
New and improved means of keeping your plant safe and clean — at lower cost.


Annual Manufacturing Survey: Safety first... but looking greener
Food safety is still the chief concern of processors, but the ‘green’ trend shot up the charts too; 77 percent see growth this year.

Annual Manufacturing Survey: Safe and secure
Once again, food safety is manufacturers’ No. 1 concern — but Osama, Katrina and Reddy Kilowatt are out there, too.

Safety TOPS concerns for coming year
Our Manufacturing Survey spotlights 2003 issues

35th Annual R&D Survey: ‘How do I know you’re organic?’
Consumer interest in organic and healthy products is forcing R&D teams to learn agronomy, a little pharmacology and new methods of ensuring food safety, according to Food Processing's 35th annual R&D survey.

Annual Manufacturing Survey: Labor pains
Food safety remains the top concern in our sixth annual Manufacturing Trends Survey, with labor issues and energy also topping the worry list.

Annual Manufacturing Trends Survey: I need YOU
Food safety is still everyone’s top concern, but recruiting workers to make our food is a growing worry.

Product and packaging safety

Detecting foreign matter
Advances in detection technologies are helping to make the food supply safer than ever. Plus, these machines can do other things, as well.

Meat packaging aims to please
New packaging techniques for meat and poultry take consumer desires — and fears — seriously.

Improve security through packaging
Emerging technologies can help create a package that safeguards products from tampering and protects your brand from counterfeiting.

Preservation Technology Keeps Donated Food Save and Fresher Longer
Foodshare, Inc. adopted AiroCide PPT, a NASA-developed air purifying technology to reduce perishable waste and increase food safety in its produce cooler.

Three sets of eyes
X-ray, metal detection and vision technologies keep the quality in your packaging systems.

Making tampering evident
From tapes and bands to light-emitting polymers, tamper-evident features protect products (and processors) from tainting and sampling.

Food processing equipment

For the Floor 
Food safety products

Equipment Round-up
Food safety products

Product Round-up
Food safety equipment

New irradiation system designed to address quarantine security, food safety issues
MDS Nordion

The Ishida X-ray inspection system promotes food safety
Lead-free X-ray inspection system detects defects through retort pouches, aluminum foils and cans

Nilfisk-Advance America
Safety Vacuums Combine Cost, Performance Advantages

Applied Biosystems & MDS Sciex
Automated testing solution improves food contaminant detection

Key Technology
Laser takes optical inspection capabilities to next level

Multisorb Technologies
Low oxygen map system provides increased safety for case-ready meats

Carruthers Equipment Co.
Slicer provides labor-free processing, eliminates maintenance

Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc.
X-ray advantages address production concerns

G&K Services
New-technology sanitary garments

Gainco, Inc.
Table bagging systems provide accuracy, sanitary design

Key's compact dryer improves sanitation and maximizes product quality
Enhancing the shelf life of fresh-cut produce

SteriFX Inc.
Antimicrobial Solution Provides Spray-on Safety

Heat and Control Inc.
New X-ray inspection for cartons

Key Technology, Inc.
Sorter's laser technology improves packaged product quality

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