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Metromint making waves in water world

Source: FoodProcessing.com

Jul 25, 2005

Metromint — "the original, all-natural mintwater that combines pure water with peppermint" — is moving into widespread availability in the Midwest.

"Due to overwhelming consumer and retailer demand," said Scott Lowe, president of San Francisco-based Metromint, "we are pleased to announce Metromint is now available at Whole Foods locations throughout the Midwest, in addition to supermarkets and specialty stores within the Chicago metropolitan area."

Arriving fresh from the 2005 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, Metromint continues to win accolades from national media including The Today Show, the Food Network and Time Magazine as well as a "Best of 2004" new product award from Bevnet.com, the industry's source for beverage information and product evaluations.

Metromint has no calories, carbs, preservatives or sweeteners. Using proprietary technology, Metromint gets its taste using only two ingredients: pure water and natural peppermint. Not only does peppermint provide rapid refreshment and an instant cooling sensation, it also provides several all-natural benefits: mint calms the nerves, soothes and revives the body, stimulates the brain, energizes the senses, increases the appetite, and aids in digestion. The natural menthol in Metromint freshens the breath, and can reduce inflammation in the nasal passages and help clear congestion related to colds and allergies, according to the company.

Metromint is the brainchild of husband and wife team Rio Miura and Scott Lowe. Wanting to create an all-natural beverage that cools the body beyond plain water, Miura conceived of Metromint to take advantage of mint's natural cooling properties. Metromint quickly became a leader in a whole new beverage category called mintwater, combining functional and flavored water.

Metromint is a product of the Soma Beverage Co., LLC, a small group of innovative San Francisco "beveragistas" dedicated to making beverages that combine the purest ingredients with innovative packaging and extraordinary taste. For more information, visit www.metromint.com.