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Energy Drinks Spike in Sales; Fail With New Customers

Source: FoodProcessing.com

Aug 11, 2010

also cited: mintel.com

Mintel's Global Market Navigator found that Americans consume 3.05L of energy drinks per capita each year, but energy drink market penetration remained flat at 15% of all adults aged 18+ during 2007-2009.

Energy drinks/shots non-users cite high prices (48%), too much caffeine (43%) and a general feeling that energy drinks/shots just aren't good for you (43%) as reasons why they have not consumed any in the past three months.

  • 16% of energy drink non-users and 14% of energy shots non-users would be encouraged to try an energy drink or shot if free samples were offered at a store where they usually shop.
  • 14% of non-users would be more likely to try energy drinks (11% for energy shots) if they had natural ingredients.

Mintel also found:

  • 71% of energy drink users (80% of energy shot users) consume them for an energy boost
  • 57% of energy drink users employ them to stay awake
  • 60% of energy shot users say they drink them for mental alertness.
  • Energy drink/shot consumers are more likely to use energy shots (30%) than energy drinks (23%) to enhance sports performance.