Ingredient Round Up: June 2021

June 27, 2021
Our editors selected the following food and beverage ingredients to feature in our June 2021 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Soluble fibers

The Promitor soluble fiber range has been expanded with two liquid versions: Soluble Fiber W and Soluble Fiber 90L. Soluble Fiber W, which contains a minimum of 85% fiber and less than 2% sugars, has a lower viscosity than comparable fiber ingredients and is well-suited for confectionery products such as gummies. Soluble Fiber 90L is a liquid version of the company’s existing 90% fiber powder ingredient, which, depending on the end-product and manufacturing setup, can provide production efficiencies by avoiding the need to dissolve or handle powders. Tate & Lyle

Pea protein isolate at 85%

Vitessence Pulse 1853 pea protein isolate offers 85% protein (dry basis) to heighten protein content across a wide variety of applications and does not label as a major allergen. Sourced in North America and produced at the South Sioux City facility, the pea protein isolate enables manufacturers to meet consumer demand for increased protein delivery, clean labels and sustainable sourcing. Ingredion

Natural astaxanthin range

The supplier has increased its range of natural astaxanthin products with the launch of an oleoresin as well as a microencapsulated starch beadlet. Created from Haematococcus pluvialis algae, the oleoresin product is a wellness extract designed for soft gels, while the starch beadlet is a CWD microencapsulated solution suitable for beverages and dry mixes. Microencapsulation technologies also provide options for tablets, hard-shell capsules, chewable tablets, gummies, nutritional bars and more. Lycored

Paris-Brest flavor

Paris-Brest flavor, ironically created by the company's scientists in China, reveals all the delicacies of this traditional French pastry. Its organoleptic profile is mainly characterized by creamy, praline and hazelnut notes. It will add delicacy to your sweet applications such as ice creams, cookies, dessert creams and pastry creams. The flavor is: vegan, kosher & halal, allergen free, preservative free and additive free. Aromatech

Nutrient-rich Chlorella vulgaris powders

EFSA has approved two Chlorella vulgaris powders as food ingredients and food supplements. The USP of the variants White and Yellow Chlorella vulgaris is their sensory profile. They are neutral visually and deliver a discreet taste profile with nutritional value. As a natural plant-based source of protein containing all the essential amino acids, the powders are suitable for use in health-promoting foods, drinks and dietary supplements. They can be used ice creams, mayonnaises and snacks. Yellow Chlorella works well as an egg substitute, while White Chlorella can replace conventional dairy bases such as milk. Both are effective texturizing and thickening agents. Allmicroalgae 

Citrus fiber is upcycled

Citri-Fi citrus fiber is a natural and clean label ingredient providing high water holding and natural emulsification properties that benefit a variety of foods and beverages. In most applications, less than 1% is needed to reap full benefits from its stabilizing and texturizing properties. It's produced from upcycled material or byproduct of citrus juice processing; created using a patented process free from chemicals; is clean label, non-GMO, allergen-free and natural. Fiberstar Inc.

Lactoferrin production in U.S.

Lactoferrin comprises only a tiny portion of the overall whey protein but offers powerful health benefits when concentrated. The company cites research around the benefits of concentrated lactoferrin for all life stages, including enhanced immune system support, promotion of “good” prebiotic bacteria for positive gut health and improved iron status. It adds that recent studies have brought lactoferrin’s antiviral properties to the forefront, demonstrating that it can favorably influence human cell response to COVID-19 infection. Milk Specialties Global 

Organic cultured celery powder for meat curing

This organic cultured celery powder for natural meat curing has been added to the company’s portfolio to accommodate customer need and anticipated changes to USDA requirements that would require the use of organic celery in organic meat products. The celery powder is provided at an industry standard of 22,500 ppm sodium nitrite equivalent. Other meat curing solutions in the portfolio include cultured swiss chard powder, which also provides a natural source of sodium nitrite, and acerola cherry powder, which enables natural cure acceleration and contributes natural antioxidant capabilities. Diana Food

High-grade tuna oil

The UniQ DHA tuna oil range comes in two forms. The first is a crude oil, which is produced from selected raw materials via a gentle extraction process, resulting in pure and high-quality crude oil with a high refining yield that delivers a DHA content of 28-30%. The second, a refined oil, takes the crude oil as its base and has similar DHA levels to those found in fresh fish. For both products, the manufacturing process uses less fish to produce the same amount of oil, uses fewer chemicals, consumes less energy and produces less waste, says the company. Thai Union Ingredients

Flavors for plant-based dairy, meat and fish alternatives

These functional and characteristic flavors enable manufacturers to develop a clean-label plant-based product portfolio for dairy alternatives, such as drinks, yogurt-alternatives and ice cream; meat substitutes such as burger patties or nuggets; and fish substitutes. They aim to offset the unwanted bitter or beany off-notes characteristic of some plant proteins. Specific flavors help to achieve a more rounded taste characteristic, such as full-bodied umami or meaty notes next to enriching creamy profiles, creating a characteristic and dairy-like taste and mouthfeel. Flavors also are available for high-protein powder shakes and bars. Bell Flavors & Fragrances GmbH

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