Lead-free X-ray inspection system detects defects through retort pouches, aluminum foils and cans

July 9, 2008

Safely and reliably identify foreign objects, missing items and product defects with the Ishida X-ray inspection system. Unaffected by product temperature, salt and water content, the system detects metal, glass, stone, bone, shell and plastic — even through retort pouches, aluminum foils and cans. It can detect non-conforming products, missing items, cracked products and other defects. For improved environmental and operator safety, Ishida X-ray systems use tungsten radiation curtains with no lead content. Half the thickness of conventional lead curtains, Ishida’s tungsten curtains last four times longer and limit X-ray emissions to 0.1 millirem/hour, less than 20% of the amount permitted by the USDA. Machine warm-up takes only 90 seconds, and the automatic setup requires no routine calibration. The system's stainless steel construction conforms to HACCP. The waterproof conveyor is designed to IP66 and is easily removed without using tools.