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Ingredient Round Up: January 2019

Jan. 14, 2019
Our editors selected the following ingredients to feature in our January 2019 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Ingredients in the news

Brenntag created a global Food & Nutrition business unit. It draws together the company’s food and beverage specific capabilities in 73 countries, with over 750 dedicated employees and 28 food application and development centers. Technical teams will create tailor-made food and nutrition formulations and solutions, supported by dedicated marketing and sales people. Vice President Tom Corcoran leads the Food & Nutrition Brenntag Group. See www.brenntag.com/food-nutrition.

Lentil functional flour

Lentil flour is a protein-rich, functionally equivalent substitute for modified starches that can be listed as simply “lentil flour” in an ingredient statement. This clean-label product is made using just non-GMO lentils, water and heat. It can boost protein content across formulations and help achieve “good source,” “excellent source" and high protein claims, depending on the application. It also offers fiber, vitamins and minerals, with a clean, neutral flavor profile suitable for both sweet and savory applications. Bunge North America; Chesterfield, Mo.; 314-292-2000; www.bungenorthamerica.com

Chicken bone broth

Chicken bone broths are available as collagen broth protein powder, frozen concentrated bone broth and broth protein isolate powder, and with a range of flavor profiles — umami, roasted chicken, meaty and savory. They are suitable for savory beverages, functional foods and supplements, fortified snacks, extruded protein inclusions, cereals and flavorful sauces. They are soy-, dairy- and gluten-free; certified paleo by The Paleo Foundation; keto friendly; rich in Type II collagen; low in sodium and fat; zero carbs; protein range from 24-90% per 100g; and all natural. IDF; Springfield, Mo.; 800-641-6509; idf.com

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