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Food Processing's Readers' Choice Awards Survey

Dec. 22, 2008
Help us help you. Give us 10 minutes and we'll give you a wealth of information to run your business better in 2009.

You give us 10 minutes, we'll give you the tools to operate your food processing business better in 2009.

Food Processing is surveying readers on several initiatives we have underway in 2009:

Investments in 2009. This survey is 1/6th of a project we've undertaken with Grant Thornton LLP.

We've already completed the first three surveys, Fast Facts on Food Processing — Part 1 of 6: Supply Chain Pressures,  Fast Facts on Food Processing — Part 2 of 6: Outsourcing, and Fast Facts on Food Processing — Part 3 of 6: Growth, Projections and Reflections.

In the our investment survey, we're asking questions that will, when finished, help provide you with a roadmap for how your peers are spending their dollars in 2009.

Consider these:

  1. Are you planning new facilities or expansions for next year?
  2. What's your capacity utilization?
  3. Are you getting any ROI on information technology spending?

Those are about half the questions we're asking in our survey. Interested? Take the survey by clicking here and be sure to add your name to our e-mail list to receive the results next month.


We're also looking for your favorite ingredient and equipment suppliers to help round out our 2009 Readers Choice Awards.

We've been doing this survey for a few years now and have amassed a healthy list of preferred suppliers:

We split the survey into two parts: Equipment suppliers and Ingredient suppliers. To let us know who your favorite suppliers are, e-mail Dave Fusaro, our Editor-in-Chief, to receive an official ballot.

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