Ingredient Systems Prevent Sticking, Reduce Fats in Precooked Frozen Foods

April 2, 2009

Advanced Food Systems’ proven MicroSeal ingredient systems evenly coat individual pieces of precooked frozen foods to prevent them from sticking together or developing freezer burn during extended storage, or dehydrating and shrinking during the cooking process.  These low-oil ingredient blends also reduce overall levels of fat and calories in the finished products.

MicroSeal systems are dry powders that are hydrated in water and can be combined with a variety of oils such as olive, sesame, peanut or butter-flavored to meet individual product requirements.  Because they contain low levels of oil, they contribute fewer calories and less fat than oils alone.

MicroSeal systems are available with or without flavors or seasonings for use with such foods as vegetables, pasta, noodles and rice.  Advanced Food Systems provides complete technical support and custom formulations can be developed to meet specific customer needs.