Two Soy Peptide Ingredients Expected to Boost Consumer Demand for Soyfoods

Feb. 3, 2009

Soy Labs introduces LunaSoy and Lunasin XP, two new ingredients that are expected to re-energize consumer demand for soyfoods and spur growth opportunities for manufacturers of functional foods and nutraceuticals. The foundation for both ingredients is Lunasin.  Scientific evidence indicates that Lunasin is a key component in soy protein responsible for its cholesterol-lowering properties.

While soy has long been linked to heart health, recent studies indicate that protection of the Lunasin peptide component is the key to its ability to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol.  Lunasin selectively disrupts a necessary step in the production of a key enzyme, HMG-CoA reductase. With the levels of that enzyme lowered, the liver produces less cholesterol.  Additionally, Lunasin upregulates the expression of the LDL-receptor gene, thus increasing the number of receptors available to clear LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream.  

LunaSoy is a versatile soy protein complex ideal for formulation in functional foods and beverages.  It delivers twice the bioactive Lunasin, per gram, as soy protein isolates and at a
significantly lower price point.  Lunasin XP is a proprietary soy peptide extract formulated specifically for dietary supplements and provides optimal protection of the Lunasin peptide.

Both ingredients allow manufacturers to cut product cost while enhancing their product portfolios and providing greater health benefits to the consumer. With a dosage equal to the 25 grams of soy protein recommended for heart health, Lunasin-enriched soyfoods and products are ideal for consumers who prefer to manage their cholesterol through diet and exercise.