Cultures Help Swiss Cheese Manufacturers Gain Control Of Their Product’s Distinctive Look

Jan. 29, 2009

Swiss-style cheese manufacturers benefit from a more consistent product and faster processing using new CHOOZIT Eyes Cheese Cultures from Danisco. These outstanding alternatives to the market’s existing standard cultures give manufacturers superior control when securing the characteristic holey appearance of Emmental and Maasdam-style cheeses.

CHOOZIT Eyes overcomes traditional processing challenges easily – producing Swissstyle cheese with the perfectly formed eyes that consumers associate with high quality and a good taste.

Efficient eye formation and faster ripening are achieved through the cultures’ ability to promote rapid gas formation and interact with standard cheese flavour adjuncts. The CHOOZIT Eyes range has also been proven to produce a more consistent result than other standard cultures.

Containing propionic acid bacteria, CHOOZIT Eyes is the latest addition to Danisco’s extensive CHOOZIT Cheese Cultures range. Working with Danisco’s application specialists, cheese manufacturers can bring numerous functional and sensory advantages
to their processing.