Whey Masker-1 Introduced to Beverage Manufacturers

Jan. 9, 2009

Taste Advantage LLC introduces natural Whey Masker-1 to beverage manufacturers. Whey Masker-1 is a new ingredient that has been specially formulated to help overcome the dry, rough puckering sensations often associated with the consumption of whey protein in high acid beverage applications.

Whey is an advantageous ingredient but it has its drawbacks. Seen as a good source of protein, whey is more water soluble than Casein protein. Whey is often utilized over other sources of protein in beverages, because it remains clear and is relatively stable to heat at low pHs, which makes it a favored candidate for high acid, hot packed beverages. Other proteins tend to denature when exposed to the heat and acid required in hot packing resulting in “hazy” beverages or sediment from the protein losing solubility.