Chrysanthemum soothes digestion

Sept. 18, 2008

Chrysanthemum has long been known as a tea flavor with therapeutic attributes in the Chinese community, and it creates a refreshing beverage when blended with other herbal ingredients. It is also compatible with chamomile varieties, which are experiencing a strong comeback as a soothing aid to digestion. Chrysanthemum Extract is a natural flavor extract derived from the yellow chrysanthemum flower through a proprietary process. It has floral notes and hints of refreshing celery characteristics. A slight astringency, a mild, bitter finish and the aroma of herbal tea are enhanced by woodiness to round out the complex and appealing taste that chrysanthemum flower achieves. These taste perceptions are supported by the supplier’s flavor mapping research, which predominantly cited vegetable, floral and herbal sensations and noted woody, savory and earthy impressions. Chrysanthemum beverage extract is dark brown in appearance and its usage range spans 0.2% to 1%. Different varieties of the flower are believed to help in digestion and/or to support vision. It is also thought to have a role in reducing blood pressure and relieving headaches and dizziness.