Maize-based starch is suitable for instant food preparations

Sept. 18, 2008

Ultra-Tex Sr is a premium waxy maize-based starch that is suitable for instant food preparations subjected to extreme processing conditions. It can withstand intense heat, acid, high shear and low pH processing conditions and is one of three new cold-water swelling starches in the Ultra Series of dispersible starches created to meet the cold prep-processing needs of food formulators. Ultra Series starches enable the cold-processing of foods such as mayonnaise and high quality low-fat dressings and eliminate the need for the blending of dry ingredients. Ultra-Tex Sr has excellent cold temperature storage stability in refrigerated and frozen products, maintains high viscosity and superior texture where dressing recirculation is required, and in many cases up to 10% less starch can be used compared to conventional starches to achieve the same viscosity.