Rebaudioside A's natural sweetening capacity makes it ideal for the food and beverage industries

Sept. 4, 2008

Blue California has isolated Rebaudioside A, a pure compound derived from Stevia rebaudiana and responsible for stevia’s sweet taste — but not its distinct aftertaste. The natural sweetening capacity of this pure compound makes it ideal for the food and beverage industries. Currently, FDA only approves stevia-derived sweeteners as a dietary supplement. However, many leading food and beverage processors teamed together to encourage a change in status. Rebaudioside A can be used in products such as protein powders, nutritional bars, beverages, cereals, desserts, yogurts, gum, candies, chocolates and any other product that can benefit from sweetness without extra calories. Blue California offers unique contract manufacturing services such as microencapsulation, extraction processing and complete R&D solutions under strict ISO-9001:2000 (Quality Management), ISO-14001 (Environmental Management) and cGMP standards. Blue California manufactures kosher-certified, standardized botanical extracts and specialty ingredients for functional products.