Edlong Dairy Flavors

Sept. 23, 2006
Check out this cheesy addition

Download a PDF of Edlong Dairy Flavors' natural cheese flavor line here.

Edlong has always been known for the extensive variety and unique profiles of its cheese flavors. Over 250 different cheese types are featured in Edlong’s standard line.

Basic cheese flavors like Processed, Cheddar and Parmesan and specialty cheese flavors from around the globe are available to meet your needs. #1002401 is a newly featured flavor specifically designed to add that ideal hint of Bleu cheese to dry packaged sauces and set them apart from the crowd. It has a very smooth and buttery flavor, with mild ketone notes that do not overpower the fermented, astringent and zesty character of this concentrated dairy ingredient.

This powder is water and oil dispersible, Kosher Dairy certified with no MSG and has an 18 month shelf-life. Applications for this flavor include cheese analogs, crackers, salad dressings, snacks and of course sauces.

Cheese carries a prestige factor similar to wine and taste trend studies show that consumers are looking for greater flavor and sophistication. So, if you are seeking the very best in cheese and dairy flavor, consider Edlong, the company consistently voted the food industry’s best. Download the PDF here.