Edlong Dairy Flavors

Sept. 23, 2006
A flavor to take to the movies

Download a PDF of Edlong Dairy Flavors' natural and artificial butter flavor line here.

Looking for just the right butter profile? Edlong has consistently been voted the best in dairy flavors and ingredients, so look to us.

If your current project calls for imparting a creamy, melted butter taste, Edlong has a flavor designed to fit your needs. The pleasant popcorn, pyrazine and lactone notes in this butter flavor make it a great choice for topical seasonings, microwave popcorn, cookies, margarine, pound cake, sauces and other applications.

This is a spray-dried powder that will hold up in the heat of your processing. In addition to being Kosher Dairy certified, water soluble and oil dispersible, this flavor is highly concentrated with an average usage level of just 0.027% in your finished product.

The bold, rich taste and aroma of butter adds consumer appeal to most products and Edlong can even offer some butter flavors dairy free (VISION), Non-GMO (ED-Vance) or free of diacetyl.

Samples can be obtained immediately with 24 hour delivery available and since Edlong has no minimum order requirements either by pounds or dollars, you can be assured that the level of service will exceed that of other suppliers. Download the PDF here.