Edlong Dairy Flavors

Sept. 23, 2006
Emulsion technology for flavor stability

Download a PDF of Edlong Dairy Flavors' CapsuLong line here.

Flavor compounds by nature tend to be extremely volatile and thus, readily leave food systems during storage and especially during heat processing or preparation of finished foods. This focus has resulted in a line of products that have proven their ability to withstand high heat during processing.

Edlong’s products that use CapsuLong technology are food flavors that have been incorporated into a type of colloidal suspension known as an emulsion — a system of liquid droplets suspended in a liquid system. The proprietary method that is used to create these emulsions gives them increased heat and storage stability that is unique in the industry.

Most flavor compounds are oil soluble. Incorporating these compounds into an emulsion allows the user to deliver these oil soluble components into a system that is water based. Incorporating oil soluble compounds into an emulsion also limits the volatility of those compounds which can result in added stability on the shelf and in heat stressed applications.

Flavors made with CapsuLong technology have shown the ability to protect flavor during these processes in a more cost-effective manner than traditional flavor encapsulation by spray-drying methods. However, as an extension of the technology, Edlong has taken some of the CapsuLong emulsions to the spray-drier, where they are embedded in a starch or gum matrix. This results in a free-flowing, dry product that can be easier to handle. The drying process can also give the product additional heat stability. Download a PDF here.