Danisco Sweeteners

Aug. 28, 2006
New sweetener formulations reduce calories, fat and sugar

Danisco Sweeteners can help food companies develop controlled calorie snacks that appeal to weight-conscious consumers. The company's formulations for cookies, cakes, wafers, beverages, chocolates and confections made with Litesse polydextrose and Lactitol have reduced calories, fat and sugar and can be packaged in 100 calorie (or less) portable portions.

Litesse polydextrose is a 1 kcal/gram specialty carbohydrate that offers a wide range of physiological and functional benefits. It replaces sugar and fat while improving flavor, texture and mouthfeel in a wide variety of applications, features a low glycemic and is metabolized independently of insulin, is suitable for consumers seeking to control carbs, including diabetics, is widely recognized as a dietary fiber and has a satiating effect to assist in weight management.

Lactitol is a reduced-calorie sweetener derived from milk sugar and plays a versatile role in foods such as chocolate, ice cream and baked goods.The company says its solubility and viscosity closely resemble those of sucrose and is a highly functional sweetener for formulating no sugar added and sugar-free products.