Kraft Food Ingredients Corp.

April 6, 2006
Cheese flavor naturally exceeds expectations

For food manufacturers looking to develop signature flavors or enhance a product’s overall cheese profile, Kraft Food Ingredients Corp. (KFIC) introduces Exceed Plus 4010N.

Exceed Plus 4010N is a natural cheese flavor built with KFIC’s proprietary Exceed technology developed by Kraft Food Ingredients’ flavor scientists. The new dairy flavor will be introduced at the 2006 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla., June 25–27, and will be showcased to KFIC’s customers in an American Sauce application.

Available in powder form, Exceed Plus 4010N works to maximize the cheese impact in any application. As an ingredient, Exceed Plus 4010N provides a balanced, versatile, convenient and cost-effective option to natural or process cheese without sacrificing taste.

“The great thing about Exceed Plus 4010N is its simplicity,” said Tom Rieman, KFIC senior business manager, cheese solutions. “The convenient dry form was chosen to make it easy to use in a manufacturing process. It was designed to be used at low levels to enhance cheese flavor. Add a small percentage of Exceed cheese flavor to improve the cheese impact of an existing formula or use it to reduce costs by lowering the level of cheese in a product while maintaining flavor.”

“Because the flavor profile was created by our flavor experts who know what consumers perceive as cheesy and delivers the taste of Velveeta, which can be found in nearly every refrigerator across America, it couldn’t be easier delivering a winning product,” added Rieman.

Exceed Plus 4010N is Kosher certified and functions well with snacks, sauces, side dishes, soups and casseroles. It can be used in all manufacturing processes such as freezing, coating, batter/breading, retorting and baking.

Visit Kraft Food Ingredients at IFT Booth #2520.