Cargill Food & Pharma Specialties

Feb. 15, 2005
Tapioca for a High Fiber 'High Five'
Cargill Food & Pharma Specialties introduces ActiStar RT resistant tapioca starch. It provides the benefits of high-fiber in food formulations with lower net carbohydrates, calculated by subtracting sugar alcohols and dietary fiber from total carbs.A replacement for flour with about 80 percent total dietary fiber, ActiStar RT is especially useful in reducing the total net carbs in typically high-carb foods such as breads and cereal.ActiStar RT has a low water-holding capacity, permitting high levels of inclusion with few formulation changes and a non-gummy texture. As a source of bland, resistant starch, ActiStar RT doesn’t detract from taste, texture or appearance of finished products.