Asoyia LLC

Free of all trans fatty acids, Asoyia oil requires no hydrogenation and is also low in saturated fat, non-GMO, and offers superior cooking performance with fryer life up to double that of conventional soybean oils.

Asoyia oil is processed from 1 percent, ultra-low linolenic soybeans which were developed after 30 years of research at Iowa State University. Linolenic acid naturally occurs in soybeans at a level of 7 to 8 percent. Linolenic acid causes soybean oil to go rancid quickly, so soybean oil is usually hydrogenated to extend shelf life and stability. But Asoyia’s ultra-low level of linolenic acid means it requires no hydrogenation. Without hydrogenation, no trans fatty acids are produced.

Foods fried with Asoyia acquire a crispy, golden exterior and a non-greasy taste and appearance with low transferable taste. The oil has also performed well in sautéing, spraying and some baking applications.

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