Ingredient Systems Protect Meat Flavor, Improve Yield

Advanced Food Systems has expanded its proven Fresh'O line of food ingredients to include products that reduce flavor-damaging oxidation in meats such as pork, beef and poultry.  These new ingredient systems were developed based on AFS’s Fresh'O Fish systems which are well known for their ability to improve flavor in seafood products.

Fresh'O ingredient systems perform a variety of functionalities, depending on the requirements of the finished product.  For example, Fresh'O Beefprevents the development of warmed-over flavor in ground beef dishes such as chili or taco fillings.  In poultry, Fresh'O Chicken reduces the strong flavor and lightens the color of dark meat, while Fresh'O Turkey masks gaminess and lightens color.  Fresh'O Pork systems prevent flavor loss in pork, such as smoked pork ribs, as they are subjected to freeze/thaw cycles and storage.

Fresh'O ingredient systems are highly effective at low usage levels and are supplied as easily-hydrated powders which can be applied by marinating, tumbling, spraying or injection.  These ingredient systems contain natural flavors and are clean label-friendly.
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Advanced Food Systems