Dip and Dressing Bases Simplify Formulation and Production

Food product developers can now create new dressings and dips with better stability, cleaner labels and greater consumer appeal using Chef-Ready and SeasonRite bases from Advanced Food Systems.  These bases simplify formulation and production by combining ingredients into easy-to-use pre-blended powders formulated to impart clean flavor, vibrant color and smooth, creamy texture. They can be easily customized with flavors, seasonings and spices.  Clean label options include preservative-free, reduced sodium, reduced fat, allergen-free, and natural flavors to appeal to health-conscious consumers.

To create signature dips and dressings, developers can choose from AFS’s extensive collection of flavors, including Balsamic, Ranch, Plum Chili Garlic, Artichoke, Bleu Cheese and Ginger Wasabi, or add their own flavors and seasonings to one of the mild flavor bases. Products can also be formulated to be shelf-stable.

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Advanced Food Systems