Freeze-dried and Drum-dried Cranberry Ingredients Available Year-Round

Food processors can use cranberries year-round thanks to Van Drunen Farms' freeze-dried or drum-dried cranberry ingredients

This tart and tangy fruit bears not only flavor, but also a powerful pack of nutrients. Research shows that cranberries can be an important functional food because they are naturally high in proanthocyanins, anthocyanins, polyphenols, organic acids, vitamins and minerals. Also, cranberries have been known to support urinary tract health and have powerful antioxidant qualities useful for heart and oral health.
Freeze-dried cranberry is a 100% natural ingredient with no preservatives; and the freeze-drying process preserves the cranberry's natural color, shape, flavor and nutrient attributes. The drum-drying process negates piece identity, but it also retains much of the cranberry's original flavor, color and nutritional value, and at a more economical price.
Both Freeze-dried and Drum-dried Cranberry ingredients are a delicious and convenient way to add real cranberry flavor and functionality to a variety of food products. VDF Freeze-dried Cranberries are available in whole, sliced, diced and powder format. Drum-dried Cranberry is offered in a flake or powder form. This wide range of options make VDF Cranberry ingredients ideal for adding to breakfast cereals, nutrition bars, smoothie mixes, nutritional supplements, baby foods, bakery items, and even pet food applications.

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Fruits, nuts, vegetables
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