Van Drunen Farms' Freeze-dried Canned Pears Infuse Nature's Nectar

Van Drunen Farms' freeze-dried canned pears can be used to add pear flavor to baked items, bars, snacks and hot and cold cereals.

Pears offer a sweet complement to many fruits' acidity. VDF's pears have an added sweetness due to their being soaked in a light syrup. Available in 3mm and 3/8-inch diced sizes, Freeze-dried Canned Pears from Van Drunen Farms can be used for food storage and pet foods.

According to the company, the item is not perishable. The freeze-drying process dehydrates the raw material and allows the fruit to keep its natural taste while eliminating the short shelf life.
Product Type:
Fruits, nuts, vegetables
Van Drunen Farms