Jerky’s Cousin, Beef Biltong, Gets Its Day in the Sun with Stryve Protein Snacks

To make beef biltong, a form of dried meat similar to jerky, Stryve Foods LLC, uses a natural air-drying process. The biltong is flavored by covering the exterior of the meat with herbs and spices prior to hanging out to dry in a controlled temperature and humidity room. When it’s ready, the gourmet beef biltong is sliced extra thin and then hand-bagged to ensure consistent slices in each package of Stryve Protein Snacks. The gluten-free, fat-free product contains no artificial preservatives, monosodium glutamate or nitrites/nitrates and comes in five varieties: original, peri peri, smoked, teriyaki and zesty garlic.

The newest product from the company is Stryve Trail Mix, a high-protein, peanut-free blend of beef biltong, whole nuts and seeds that comes in dark chocolate, jalapeño and original varieties. “Our beef biltong starts with choice top-round. We trim off the fat to have the leanest cut,” says Gabe Carimi, co-founder and chief executive officer, and a former National Football League player. “The meat is then washed with all-natural vinegar and sliced into steaks. These are naturally air dried for up to 21 days.”

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