Unilever Food Solutions Rejuvenates Its Brand

May 27, 2011
Unilever Food Solutions North America, part of a global relaunch of the Unilever Food Solutions brand uses a recently introduced three new services to help the foodservice industry.

Unilever brands, including Knorr, Lipton and Hellmann's, reach some 2 billion consumers in 74 countries every day in both retail and foodservice venues. So it's no wonder that the global company aims to be the single company that combines its branded ingredients and expert consultant services to help restaurant and other foodservice customers please their guests whether in ritzy or quickservice venues.

Lisle, Ill.-based Unilever Food Solutions North America, part of a global relaunch of the Unilever Food Solutions brand, unveiled a change in its visual identity, in particular the corporate logo, to closely align with Unilever and to express the new vision through the "Inspiration every day" tagline.

Its three-tiered approach to growing the franchise, presented a healthy and delicious menu incorporating its brands, and unveiled findings from its World Menu Report to some 50 attendees during an event at Chicago's elegant Ria Restaurant at the Elysian Hotel.

"To carry on the things we've been doing until now won't be enough," said Unilever Food Solutions North America President Simon Marshall. "We want to provide operators greater help in understanding guests and efficiencies … to take our capabilities and transfer them to the broader foodservice market."

As part of the brand rejuvenation, three new services were introduced to further help chefs and caterers They include: Understand more about their guests ("Your Guests"); Deliver nutritious, healthy and profitable menus ("Your Menu"); and Keep their kitchen efficient and thriving ("Your Kitchen"). All three tiers are vital to daily foodservice operations.

The first tier "Your Guests" consulting branch of Unilever provides operators insight on diners' evolving tastes and desires highlighted by the release of Unilever Food Solutions' World Menu Report, a global survey measuring consumers' attitudes and behaviors toward dining out.

Second tier "Your Menu" provides innovations and inspiration that can help foodservice personnel keep menus fresh, exciting, nutritious and profitable. Third tier, Unilever "Your Kitchen" service provides operators realistic ways to run more efficient kitchens with ingredients and ideas that save prep time without compromising flavor or flair.

Learn more about Unilever Food Solutions at www.unileverfoodsolutions.us