Nourish America Delivers Prenatal Vitamins To Needy Women

April 8, 2008
Nourish America launches new initiative to deliver prenatal nutrition to underprivileged pregnant women
Nourish America, Ojai, Calif., a national four star-rated charity, launched a major new initiative to deliver prenatal nutrition to underprivileged pregnant women to assure the health of new mothers and their infants. The non-profit organization is committed to improving the health of children, families, seniors and veterans through vitamin supplements and nourishing foods, including naturals and organics. Founded in 1999, Nourish America provides daily multivitamins and other nutrients to more than 26,000 needy children at more than 350 partner sites in 37 states. Supporting its mission, both with financial and in-kind contributions are: corporate America, the natural product industry, private citizens, philanthropists and the U.S. Congress and governmental agencies. For more info, or to add your support, go to

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