Kraft Food Ingredients Corp.

Oct. 8, 2007
Savory, smoky grill flavors available organically

Kraft Food Ingredients Corp. introduced Organic Grill Flavor, an authentic-tasting charbroiled grill flavor that delivers the charbroiled, savory and smoky notes associated with cooking over charcoal without specialized processing in an organic form.

“The organic food industry sales continue to escalate, and by 2010, they are expected to reach $33 billion ,” said Craig Rich, KFIC business manager, flavors. “As one of the nation’s largest ingredients suppliers, we are embracing that trend by delivering a cost-effective, organic grill product to meet the increasing demands for “clean label” and organic products.”

Formulated and produced to adhere to the USDA Organic and certified by Quality Certification Services (QCS), Organic Grill Flavor is natural, does not contain hydrogenated oil and is not made with genetically-modified ingredients.

KFIC’s Organic Grill Flavor can be used when formulating organic meats, entrees, sauces, gravies, broths, dressings, soups, snacks and side dishes. The flavor is also kosher certified and available in liquid or spray-dried form.