Treatt USA Inc.

May 1, 2007
Habanero Flavor Sizzles

Global, independent flavor ingredient specialist, Treatt USA, has launched Habanero Pepper TreattaromeTM 9815. This latest addition to Treatt’s expanding range of 100% natural Treattarome ingredients is wholly distilled from fresh, top-grade habanero peppers, the hottest chili pepper variety in the world. Beyond its piquancy, Habanero Pepper Treattarome 9815 offers flavorists an unusual and complex flavor profile suitable for a variety of applications.

Using specialist, proprietary technology, Treatt ensures maximum flavor extraction, capturing the habanero flavor without the heat usually associated with capsicum. Developers can therefore incorporate an authentic, well-rounded pepper flavor while controlling spice levels to suit their requirements. Dosage levels can also be varied to suit diverse flavor profiles. At 0.1%, for example, it offers an intense fresh, fruity habanero flavor, while at 0.01% or less, deep roasted pepper flavors can be achieved, which is enhanced by general tropical notes.

With spicy sauces becoming increasingly popular, successful applications for Habanero Pepper Treattarome 9815 include salsas and pepper sauces. However, with its tropical fruit front-end flavors, it is also an interesting addition to beverages.