DSM Food Specialties USA

May 1, 2007
Pure Protein

Following the success of its Sonic Protein and Torque products, proteinfactory.com has extended its range of protein powders containing DSM’s casein hydrolysate PeptoPro. Newly launched, Anapure is a pure protein powder supplement and offers unrivalled anabolic potential for bodybuilders wanting to improve muscle recovery time and gain in muscle mass.

Available in a lime and lemon flavor, Anapure is debitterized. Low in carbohydrates, it comes in 300-g jars with 30 servings containing 10 g of PeptoPro. Made from hydrolyzed proteins, which are pre-digested and therefore enter the body rapidly, Anapure is the ideal supplement to use pre and post workout. The new protein powder supplement is available online at proteinfactory.com, bodybuilding.com, prosourcing.net and 110 Maxmuscle stores across the United States.